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RaiderZ: Content Update to Launch on 21st March

Fantasy MMO to be expanded with extensive new content

Karlsruhe, 14/03/2013 – On the 21st March, publisher Gameforge will release the first major content update for RaiderZ. The expansion will include the new zone Kowen Marsh with the Temple of Renasdungeon and a PvP arena for 1-v-1 and 3-v-3 battles. Players can also look forward to new quests, recipes and monsters, as well as powerful items and a level cap increase up to 40.

Kowen Marsh – a Quagmire of Challenges

Kowen Marsh is a land under a dark curse. At its heart, brave adventurers will find the new dungeon, the Temple of Renas, crawling with tough opponents such as the nasty frog-like Frorogi, the Guardian of the Breath of Light, and the fearsome Kuld, known for his devastating bite attacks. Those heroic enough to defeat these hostile adversaries will be rewarded with valuable materials, which they can use to craft particularly powerful equipment items, including Goddess Leather Armour. There will be a total of 440 new recipes inviting players to get crafty and over 100 new quests to ensure long-lasting gaming fun.

New Arena for Thrilling Multiplayer Battles

In the brand-new Battle Arena, the heroes of Rendel will battle it out in 1-v-1 or 3-v-3 combat. Players of a similar skill level will be matched together via the user-friendly interface. When a suitable opponent is found, the contestants will immediately be transported to the arena for battle – no matter where they are at the time. Arena participants will then receive rewards for successful battles, which may be traded in for valuable items.

For adventurers who don’t yet know which fighting style best suits them, there will be a special tutorial available: In an instanced area, players will be able to create new characters and try out different fighting styles before deciding on their favourite.

***Download the latest trailer here

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