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The first scenario for Raid & Trade is ready and is entitled: Bloody Package. This is a scenario that applies in the base game and is for 2-5 players. We will upload a new scenario on a monthly basis.

This will be a free downloadable pdf file.  Link:   

Note from GGO: I am not a fan of pdf's because so many of them run to over 100 plus pages and when printing on a colour laser or even an inkjet the actual cost of the pdf is much more than the retail price of a hard or soft cover book. However, the MAGE Company have been sensible here and the scenario is just THREE PAGES which includes a visual setup/layout of the tiles. Well done Mage Co.

If you want to follow our updates and play the scenarios we create, stay tuned on our website. In the game’s page we have a section on the top called Plots. You will click there and you will be able to check and download all the free plots we create for you. We are currently working on adding the content in the Plots. 


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