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ROCK SCIENCE: MOTÖRHEAD EDITION  A Rock Trivia Game for up to 6 Players

This is a stand-alone game and the original ROCK SCIENCE Rock Trivia Game is NOT required to be able to play.
Both games contain good cardstock that will stand up to regular play and boxes that are designed, inside and out, to
look good and more than that, actually look after your game and game pieces.

When I first saw this edition of ROCK SCIENCE I shuddered. My first thoughts were "Why Motörhead ?" and "Who
knows enough about Motörhead to be able to play a complete trivia game based on them and their music?".

On opening the game and beginning to peruse the questions I had some more thoughts (and this worried me as I have
never been known as a "thinker") and these were "The two decks are designed for immediate recognition and separation"
and "These questions are not all about Motörhead".

The former thought means that someone else had the same idea as me - when I reviewed ROCK SCIENCE I suggested
that the card decks should have a form of easy recognition. I suggested a guitar in the corner of one deck, but the designers
have decided on an easier route - changing the colour of the Q and the A making one set of questions with Silver initials
and the other in Gold. My second thought, that the questions were not all about Motörhead, is something that should have,
in my mind, been displayed clearly on the game's box. In fact there is no mention at all that the 1600 questions are about
anything other than Motörhead and the people etc associated with them. I am a game designer, not a graphic designer, but
I would have been disappointed if this had been my game design and the publishers hadn't made the facts clear to potential

I expect that the game will sell okay, but unless other players and rock music lovers gain the knowledge that the questions
on offer are far broader musically than just the sounds and members of Motörhead, the sales will be limited, and that's a
shame as the ROCK SCIENCE games are good solid fun and filled with Rock questions that will strain the brain of even
the most ardent Rock music fan.


The rules of the game are the same as for the original ROCK SCIENCE game and the winner is the first player to move their
playing piece - in this case Black Guitar Picks differentiated from each other by the names on them - Lemmy, Mickey, Phil
(these three being the current members of the band) Iron Fist, Ace of Spades (2 of their best known songs) and War Pig (the
band's logo) - around the 20 spaces on the board. This time the board is Black and Gold with Motörhead relevant text along
each side:  "You Know I'm Born To Lose" "And Gambling's For Fools" "But That's The Way I Like It Baby" "I Don't Wanna
Live Forever" I'm sure any Motörhead fan will immediately know those lyrics, and probably most Rock fans will know them
and have heard them many, many times. But do you know where they come from ?  Apart from these lines the board looks
almost imperial, expensive a what one might consider visually posh and/expensive - not words generally used around or about
Motörhead. The reverse of the board has copies of the current band members signatures.

The Betting Cards from the first game have been replaced with Ace of Spades gambling chips, the Playing pieces are all black
and all the same weight instead of coloured and varied in flexibility. Also different from the original game, this edition includes
a couple of card boxes, flat packed and in need of assembly (basically you follow the folds - it's not really origami) but you do
need to be very careful when you attempt to use the flip top (cigarette style) as the die-cut is not the best I have encountered
thus making it extremely easy to tear. Once assembled though these boxes - designed to look like Speakers - do make it easier
to keep the card decks separate. It's funny if you think on it, in this edition there are 2 easy ways to keep the decks separate and
in the first game there are none - will there be three ways in the next version ? (only joking, and you know you Don't Forget the


The cards in the two decks are not as you may expect - certainly not what I was expecting. Once I realised that not all the questions
concerned Motörhead I though that there would be one box of questions, labelled Motörhead, which were all about Motörhead, and
another box of questions, labelled something different - in this case "Murder One" - which would have questions on Rock bands other
than Motörhead. This isn't the fact, for both boxes contain questions on Motörhead mixed in with questions on many other famous and
infamous Rock bands, their members and their music, the myths and the truths.


I am not going to spoil the game by listing lots of questions from each box, if I do this there will be no need for you to purchase the
games and yes I do suggest if you are a fan of Rock music and Trivia that you obtain both ROCK SCIENCE games as quickly as you

Opening the Murder One Speaker box I flip quickly through the cards and see these names: Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Ramones,  Black
Sabbath,  Judas Priest, Jimi Hendrix, and then horrifyingly Little Richard, Cliff Richard and Elvis Presley make appearances, now that's
three names on the  list that I wouldn't associate with Heavy, Rock or Metal and certainly they are not names I would expect to find in a
trivia game based on the legend that is Motörhead.

The Motörhead box when flipped open offers up Saxon, Triumph, Iron Maiden, then The Rolling Stones ?), The Beatles (why ?), UFO,
Brian May (are you serious ?)  Lita Ford (great Rock-Chick but not in a Motörhead way)  and Twisted Sister, among many others.

Now I understand, he says with his tongue firmly in his cheek, why the box for the game doesn't advertise groups other than Motörhead.
This is not just a test on the players knowledge of all things Heavy and Metal and Rock but it is also a test on whether such Rock fans will
admit to knowing anything about the works of Cliff Richard and Queen. So now you know that ROCK SCIENCE:MOTÖRHEAD EDITION
is a music trivia game that you can happily play at home with your Nan.








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