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The Raven begins with you taking on the persona of Constable Anton Jakob Zellner, aboard the Orient Express, of the Swiss Police. 
Someone has stolen one of the two Eyes of the Sphinx, which is a renown most valuable jewel, and the theft has all the hallmarks of
the fantastic thief of legend, the Raven. The only problem is that the Raven is believed to be dead. So has he/she returned from the
grave, or is this the work of a copycat thief ?


Before you get to the part where Murder and mayhem arrive in the plot your main jobs are pretty mundane. Talking to a young lad,
helping to get a carriage dormer door open and flattering an aged female detective/crime author who is traveling on the train. Most
of these puzzles are that puzzling, in fact they are quite straightforward. If you do get stuck, as this is a point and click adventure, all
you have to do is either keep moving the cursor around looking for hotspots and then continually activating them until they give you
a clue or just stop being active, or you can spend some Detective points to get a clue (but this will lower your eventual overall game

In the screenshot below right you are in a dormer room on the train. In here is a clue, a tiny button. I went in and out of this room
several times and never saw it on the floor at all, in fact even after using some Detective points and getting the button clue it still took
some sharp eyed searching to actually find it (that white mark on the carpet that you can see clearly in this pic is not the button).


After leaving the Orient Express the action moves to the Luxury Steamship the MS Lydia

   and the murder of the Baroness. (Blood spots on the bed)

Below is one of the typical lock puzzles.

The RAVEN: Legacy of a Master Thief is the first in a trilogy of games that feature your detective powers against the brilliance
of the Master Thief - the famed / notorious Raven.

Because it is a trilogy doesn't mean that each chapter doesn't have a satisfactory ending. I have yet to completely finish this first
chapter but I am close enough that I have a fair inkling of who I should be going after. Unfortunately because it is a point and click
adventure all the clues have to be found at the correct time to trigger the next event and so it doesn't matter what my thoughts are
I can't reach the end until I have gone through all the motions.

With all the ingenuity and speed of an Agatha Christie mystery, this game unfolds at its own pace and there is no way I have found
(other than to find an online walkthrough and cheat - which I have yet to do, I hasten to add) to move it along. Even though you may
know what needs to be done and where the object/item/whatever is that will solve the current problem you still have to walk to it, get
it, walk back, use it, you cannot pick up something that you find until you are near enough (time wise not distance)to be able to use it.
This is a game for players that enjoy their crime detecting mixed intermittently with regular, almost banal, problems.


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