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RACING MANAGER 2014 - PC and MAC version out now on digital download portals!

Wiesbaden, 09. December 2013
RACING MANAGER 2014 is now out for your PC and MAC on digital download portals like Steam, Gamesplanet or the App Store for a recommended retail price of 19,99 USD / 14,99 GBP!

Test your managerial skills with Racing Manager 2014!
Assume control of one of the pre-defined teams or create your very own and prepare to storm the ranks of the racing world. Hire drivers, mechanics, engineers and designers, put each of them in the perfect position and decide which training sessions are best for your drivers.

Design the ideal race car, buy spare parts, sign contracts with engine manufacturers, give your ride a paint job and plaster it with decals from the best advertisement contracts you can find. Racing Manager 2014 also features an extensive research system. Put your designer team to the test on a tech tree of over 100 projects or use the espionage feature to snatch new technologies from your competitors.

When it’s time to race, define and refine your race strategy, plan pit stops, manage fuel and tire pressure and listen to your drivers’ feedback to gain the upper hand and move one step closer to your ultimate goal: to win the World Championship!


 RACING MANAGER 2014 is coming to your PC on 5. December via digital Portals (i.e. Steam) for a recommended Price of 19,99 USD/EUR (14,99GBP).

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