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QUEST for INFAMY began to take shape in the designer's unique brain somewhere around 2003.
Since then it has been moulded and changed until it found its way onto KICKSTARTER needing
$25000 to get off the ground. With time still remaining (at the time of writing) it has reached over
$63000, almost enough to make it possible for iMedia and Android versions.


The screenshots on this page are not from the current beta version, they are, as far as I understand,
the perceived visuals for the game when it is released - the current beta screens are a not as rounded
and finished.

Though the graphics currently appear blocky, and the animation, moving and fighting etc unsmooth,
the gameplay shines through and the humour is there for all to enjoy. QUEST for INFAMY is in fact
an hilarious parody of the (then) brilliant "QUEST (for Glory)" series of early computer game days.
The designer, Steven Alexander, is best known for the Sierra-On-Line games King's Quest III and
Space Quest II.

Mr Roehm has arrived at the town of Volksville via a hay cart. His first encounter is with a guy at
the gate, and the conversation he has sets the tone for the entire adventure.

There is an unending roller-coaster of wit and sarcasm from every character you converse with. It
matters not who they are, where they are or what they are doing (or having done to them,eg.being
executed on a guillotine) everyone is a smartass - especially the disembodied voice-over narrator.

Another fine example of what to expect.Your character, Mr Roehm, is standing on the road next to
a house. Using the (eye) pointer-cursor you click on the door expecting it to open, as other doors
previously have done. Instead (because it is non-active) you get a message "It's a door, dumbass!"

Volksville has a wonderful repertoire of characters, each with their own cosmopolitan accent from
Scots to Eastern European - you name it and you'll probably hear it.


Visiting the Inn puts you in touch with the beautiful Ina, and her overly protective father who will
break your legs and then kill you if you initiate any kind of sexual advance to his daughter. Head over
to the "Goods" store and you'll find Husband and Wife owners, Owen and Gwen, who verbally attack
and chastise each other as endearingly as any old married couple.

I mentioned an execution by guillotine earlier, well the bell tolls and everyone has to make their way
to the square where the wise-cracking food-stealing thief is about to lose his head. Seeing as this is a
comedic game you expect a last minute reprise, but no, the blade falls, the blood spurts and the head
rolls into the basket. The order is given to tar it and pop it on a spike at the town's gates.

Volksville has many interesting locations around it to visit and adventure in:-
Volksville Woods are renown for their Rukiti (red-skinned, vicious monsters)and Brutes & Brigands.
Grasslands hide Jaguars and Wolves.
99 Acre Woods (used to be 100 but someone realised there had been a miscount originally) has Beasts
and Giant Spiders.
Swamps are where plants and herbs can be gathered for the Apothecary if you can defeat or dodge the
Giant Snakes.
South Woods are the lands of the Dwarves, and these are not like any dwarves tyou have ever met before.
These dwarves like to kill starngers then cut them up and sell the body parts.
Then there are lots of Undead, wights, skeletons and spectres should you find yourself short of adversaries.

When you go to the Pub you are invited to join in a drinking competition. Do so, it's great fun. There are
just 2 buttons you need to press - one to quit and one to continue. The problem is that every time you
continue the buttons get less visible (blurred) and they swap places. To add to this the cursor takes on a
life of its own and trying to click it in the correct box becomes impossible, but fun trying. I thought that
to win the competition you needed to discover the pattern of the swapping buttons, but each time I tried
there was a different sequence.

The cursor can be turned to various icons, one for each action, by rolling the central mouse button or by
the right hand mouse button. When an action is or can be activated a skull with flashing red eyes lets you
know something is happening.

I did get a little fed up with the Medieval style muzak that constantly plays throughout, but there is an
option to turn it off, so it isn't a problem.

I look forward to seeing the completed game when it is released.

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