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DXV the designer is best known for the game, DOMINION.

KINGDOM BUILDER is far removed from the complexities of Dominion, yet it is still an interesting and somewhat different look at what is rapidly becoming the most favourite type of European board game - the building game. There are just 3 pages of rules, plus one of the components and two of card and tile descriptions. This means that you can almost open the box for the first time and begin to play it.

There are 8 game boards of which 4 are used each game, a fifth is flipped over to show its scoreboard. On these boards the players build settlements, 3 at a time (mandatory) on the terrain shown by the terrain card they have played.

Although the rules are simple and easy to follow, there are still options and actions to think about.

Players can gain territory and Location tiles (these offer special actions) by good placement of these settlements.

Of the 10 Kingdom Builder cards (each requires or offers a different  way of scoring) only 3 are used per game and the players should be looking to build to these strengths.

This is a strategy game playable equally by families and core gamers wishing to pass time in a most  pleasant manner.


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