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POOL is a challenge (Pure Pool designers please note that challenge has 2 x ls not just one) of using a stick to push one
ball into another ball and propelling that target ball into a pocket situated either on a corner or the central longer sides of
the table. The angle and power when the stick hits the ball determines how accurate the shot is and where the white ball
(the one pushed by the stick) ends up, and of course whether the target ball ends up in a pocket.

The challenge can be changed by using 8 or 9 balls, playing by ascending number ending with the Black 8 Ball, plus you
can play Killer or select the Accumulator options, howver you play the game is still hit one ball onto another ball in the
hope of knocking one or more of the balls into a pocket.

You can perform trick shots whereby the ball spins or curves around or jumps over other balls on its way to the target ball.
All of those tricks and more can be performed in the PURE POOL game with practice. Like playing Pool in a Pool Hall,
practice, practice and practice is the only way you will get the best out of the game.


PURE POOL is the product of Ripstone Ltd and VooFoo Studios. To begin with you have to learn not only how to play but
also how to control each shot. It's no use being able to jump, spin and curve a ball if your white doesn't have the legs to get
to the target or it has too much power that the target ball flies off the table or simple bounces off the pocket and flips around
the table, possibly knocking into other balls and causing more grief than help.

You can play PURE POOL full screen or you can choose the windowed version. The latter is, in my opinion too small, and
former too large. The data screen looks as if more options should be available so I am thinking in the version I have there
aren't all the options the full game has. The text is certainly almost illegible being very fuzzy, which doesn't help, but again
it is probably something that the full launch version will have updated.


Unlike many of the electronic games of Pool or Snooker there is no power guage. You press A and R/Button to set the cue to
the angle you want then you pull the mouse back which draws the cue back onscreen and then push the mouse forward, always
maintaining contact with the mouse-mat. If you keep your push-forward straight and smooth the onscreen cue will emulate this
movement and strike the white ball cleanly, then (hopefully) following through with the hit on the target ball. .

To help you with your angles, at least until you are experienced enough to not need them, you can see lines coming off the target
ball and along the table beize. One line is white (for the white ball's trajectory) and the other line is the colour of the target ball.
Using these guide-lines you only have to concentrate on the power. Hit the ball too soft and it may not even hit the target ball, and
if it does reach it there isn't enough kinetic energy to punch the target ball into the pocket. HIt it too hard and you lose control of
the shot and there is no telling where any of the balls on the table will end up.

You can practice solo, play against computer or online opposition (though to date I have not managed to find any opponents online
as there is a continual message along the lines of trying to locate the chosen player). Make sure you know what you're doing before
taking on any opponent as the A.I. players, even the lower skilled ones, rarely miss. As you take on stronger opponents then the only
way you can win is by not letting them get to the table, they really are that good. You have to pot every ball on your trip to the table.

At the moment players have the choice between two prime POOL games. POOL NATION and PURE POOL. Play wise there really
is very little between them. They both do the same things and offer the same opportunities. Personally I found Pool Nation to be just
a little more user friendly when it came to me wanting to do something, a bit more intuitive I guess I could say. This is not a slight on
Pure Pool it is just a personal thing that is hard to pinpoint. To say I feel a bit more comfortable with Pool Nation is the best way I can
put this across. If you are a pool fan then either of these games would be good for you, they may even help you learn your angles for
when you are back at an actual pool table. I wouldn't suggest that you buy both games, they are so simlar that you wouldn't get any
additional satisfaction from owning them both. PURE POOL is what the name says, pure pool.

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