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PROJECT REMEDIUM from Atomic Jelly 





Players control Bots and NanoBots throughout the veins, arteries, organs and blood canals of the human body.
YouTube Video Views    It is powered by the amazingly versatile UNREAL Engine


Scientists and Movie Makers have always dreamed of sending someone into the human body (Dennis Quaid did it once in a fiilm) to put right the diseases and illnesses that wrack a body's organs.

In this game the player is assisted by a 'Bot called Nano + and the body entered is in dire need of repair as it is riddled with sickness.

Following the destination arrows or footprints you control your Bot using the WASD keys and the RMB and LMB to inject remedies or destroy germs.


This is basically a shooting game but the guns used are less effective and a lot different. Graphically it wavers between WOW and WTF with your "weapons" being for close quarter rather than range, which means some of the horrible buggy things get pretty (too) close and do their best to damage and/or resist your incursion.









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