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PROJECT NIMBUS uses the famed and well known UNREAL TECHNOLOGY to bring chaotic high-tech, arcade-style planet defence to the PC via Steam.

To begin with you take on the personna of Captain William MacArthur aka SKULL who is one of the hotshot Top Gun pilots of running, walking, flying,  shooting Mechs (Battle Frames). Later you will change to other pilots and other massive machines. As you progress from character to character you also make progress in technology - the Battle Frames becoming weaponised with some wonderfully brutal and fun guns, missiles and more, much much more.

The enemy are sending missiles and drones to destroy Post Apocalyptic Cities that you and your Unit are charged with defending. They come in wave after wave, each wave stronger and longer than the previous until you have managed to destroy them all.

There are levels of play, Casual (Easy - huh!) Gamer (normal - nice to see Gamers being called Normal) and Prepare To Die (you can guess what happens here). As usual I played on the Easy (huh again) level and discovered that even at this difficulty the game was intensely fast and dangerously furious, however it was also playable to completion which made it a successful accomplishment for me.


This genre of game has been around for almost ever since the beginning of home computers anyway. Highlight (Target) and fire using the mouse buttons. Change weapons from Guns to Missiles etc by using the Number Keys. Reloading is automatic and Guns never seem to run out of available ammunition, though a few short bursts or one long one does run the "magazine" out quickly.

Funded on Kickstarter this is a good, fun, extremely fast, science fiction combat game. The graphics during play are maybe not as clear and detailed as one would like, but then the speed at which combat takes place you really don't have the chance to sit back and admire anything - the next opponent is always just that one step ahead (or behind) you. Enemies are clever at putting buildings between them and you and whilst you are flying around and over, sometimes under, the city constructions, they are getting on with their aim of destruction.

You have to be pretty quick with your keyboard use as well as the mouse buttons. [Spacebar] alone gives you a speed boost but combined with one of WASDE or C keys that boost is forward, backward, sideways, up or down, so very useful when dodging incoming missiles. The F key sets out Flares that also help you dodge, so you have your work cut out for you to keep your Battle Frame flying and away from enemy fire.


PROJECT NIMBUS can be played as a one-off arcade type of game or as a Campaign. I personally find it a good game for playing in short bursts but not one for me for the long term campaign, at least not in lengthy gaming sessions - this is my own personal choice not a recommendation. I find it to be a few years behind in design and gameplay to the games I have been playing and enjoying recently. I know there is a retro revival but to be honest this is not truly a retro game, at least not in graphics and sounds.

I would suggest that this is aimed at the Mech Warrior gamer of ages 12 - 14 years old and for those that can see this as an alternative to tabletop science-fiction-fantasy gaming with miniatures. 


Produced and launched by KISS Ltd and GameCrafterTeam PROJECT NIMBUS as a campaign is played over 23 Missions ending in a grand finale. As I said it can also be played as a one-off task but it's best played over time in campaign mode so you get to enjoy every different battle by being in the middle heat each time without it ever getting easier. The one-off games, known as Survival, are literally being dumped in a random location and bombarded by wave after wave of enemy forces until you eventually die.

There is a political back story fed and funded by the results of World War Three which has cities floating high above the ground in the hope of prosperity and safety. The nations that survived WWIII, the Americans, Russians, Mithril (paramilitary movement), and the terrorist group who go by the  name the Children of Fallen Nations are at war again which means that the enemy you are killing and who are trying to kill you are really just people like yourself, soldiers following the orders of possible meglomaniac leaders, Who is to say which leaders are more meglomaniac than the next and what makes you, the player, on the side of "good"?

PROJECT NIMBUS is a dual-level game, being a campaign with political machinations and a shoot-em-up with BIG weapons. If you listen throughout play you will learn much about the surviving Nations, their cultures and backgrounds; even the so-called terrorist group have a background that can be quantified culturaly, and if you are not careful you may find yourself treating PROJECT NIMBUS as an entirely different game to that which I have outlined. Knowledge of the Nation's cultures does not change the action of the game but it may change your approach to it. I still stick by my personal suggestion that this is a game for 12-14 year olds though I will concede older players may enjoy the political storyline and possibly also the DOOM-like qualities. The handling of the Mechs, can't help calling them that, is easy until you run or fly into trouble and then it gets passionately dextrous and thus difficult to keep from being hit; luckily you are not a one-hit-wonder as your amoured shell can survive several, but not too many, explosive blasts.




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