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This is as near to a game of SIM CITY as you can get without it actually being Sim City. Instead of building a flourishing community of houses, shops and community assets you are building a High Rise block as wide and as high as the chosen scenario allows (don't worry it never seems to run out of space). Inside the High Rise you will have workmen's rooms electrical fitting, gas fittings, telephone cables and boxes, tv cables and boxes, water pipes, elevators, garbage areas, offices, food courts, apartments and more.

There are Beginner - start with a lot of money, a hot economy and an extra large lot on which to build your masterpiece.
There are Standard - less cash start up, a solid economy, tenants readily available.
There are Challenging - small amount of money, a solid economy, high costs and low incomes.
There are Difficult (yeah, just try any of the preceding start ups if you want difficult) Or begin with very little money, a depressive economy, and once again high costs and low wages.

Building is quite easy, basically select the build icon and then start adding to the length and height of the building. Once you are established it is a good idea to use the mouse central button and rotate it so that the building fits the screen - it zooms in and out as required.

Once your workers have finished with the room preparation you can look for tenants or business or companies toi move in. There are generally, at least at first, several types of businesses wanting office space, but take a good look at all of the icons on their resumé as these will let you know what you are letting yourself in for - some folks can be very demanding of their landloords.

Just like Sim City the natives, who up until this point have congratulated you on a good jod well done, begin to get restless. They don't have enough electricity, their apartment needs painting or decorating, they can't get a coffee in the building, they wish to dispose of their waste etc etc. and of course you don't have enough cash left in your bank to build or connect whatever it is they require.

So this is a fun, hi-rise, hi-tension, frustrating but lovable game. My only concern is that to begin with you don't know the space needed for every building, ie how many sections - you build in sections - you need. Elevators, for example take 2 spaces whereas a staircase takes 3 spaces. Elevators have to be built on top of each other whereas stairs can be built wherever they are wanted.

My advice dear reader, is to play around and not take the game seriously to begin with. See how high or wide you can go, see what buildings and other rooms you can build and make notes of how wide they are and what they require by way of services (gas, electric  etc). Trial and error is the way to go, and then when you are ready, drop all the saved games and dive straight in from new.

Lots of fun and plenty of playability and longevity.





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