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What can I say ?

ProPinball was the best and most stylish pinball game on the market several years ago and this latest updated and revised edition is every bit as good when compared to the technology and other games available. It will never take the place of playing on an actual pinball table, the same way that playing soccer on the PC or Console will never be the same as actually kicking a ball round a field with 21 other people, but it is as near as you can get for an armchair arcade game.

The flippers work (and cause frustration) just like the real thing. The lights, whistles bells and flashes are all there, and the backgrounds and table layouts are superbly authentic. As far as armchair pinball goes it is as accurate a depiction of an actual table and each different selection is as easy to play or tilt as any of the virtual 3D tables I have played on.

ProPinball was always my favourite of this game type - though I have to admit to liking the Rock Group KISS's pinball game, but it wasn't as realistic as ProPinball.

The video gaming world is perpetually looking back on itself with all the retro style games now available so it is good to see a retro style game that has modern style graphics.



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