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PRO PINBALL "TIMESHOCK" is back after more years than I can count. It was, way back in the 90's, the best of the Pinball simulations, and with this latest revised and sharpened version it still holds court and reigns supreme above all other attempts to bring the superb bar-room game of Pinball to the home computer and consoles. Now it is the product of a highly successful KICKSTARTER campaign as 1,203 backers pledged £49,349 to help bring this project to life.

TIMESHOCK 2016 is fast, smooth and realistic. The [Ctrl] keys instantly operate the flippers with not an inkling of a time delay. The ball rolls fluently as it streaks swiftly around the chrome tracks hitting pins and bouncing from side to side racking up the points as it goes. [Alt] [Space] [Alt] jostle and jog the machine but just like a floor-standing table too hard or too much and TILT your game is over.

Pro Pinball: Timeshock! has been remade from scratch and taken to ULTIMATE extremes for PC, Mac, iOS and Android!

This newer version is bigger and brighter and allows you to sign in as a Guest to just play the odd game or you can sign up, sign in, and play Global tournaments.

PC PinBall will never take the place of a real table, nor can it give the satisfaction or adrenaline rush a real table does, but PRO PINBALL TIMESHOCK ULTRA gets as close to the real thing as possible.

Reviewing a PinBall game isn't easy because in the few words already written I have summed it up quite succinctly. There is nothing here that will make it appeal to non-PinBall players but it may appeal to players with iOS or Android mobile consoles who like fast paced, easy to play, Apps, especially those that you can enjoy during ciggy breaks and the like. As a fan of PinBall and not a regular pub goer anymore (even when I do go into a pub it is more likely that I'll find anything but a PinBall machine) and there are no coffee bars in the area with PinBall machines, I am happy to find PRO PINBALL sitting ready and waiting on my home PC. 

Speaking of coffee shops with PinBall machines, way back when I was in the Merchant Navy I went to Hamble (near Southampton) and there was a coffee shop there by the river. They served super coffee and had an amazing PinBall machine that I used to play. In those days I was good and kept getting free plays, only ever paying for one or two games in an hour or more fun - the coffee cost me more than the PinBall machine - but nowadays my hand to eye co-ordination and agility/dexterity with the flippers I am lucky to keep the ball moving for 20-30 seconds on a real machine. You never know, the skills I can build up playing on my PC may help me the next time I meet up with a real table.

Just a quick note: After you have installed Pro Pinball on Steam and you run it for the first time you may experience a delay before you can start playing. My notes have a 2 minute download followed by a 2-3 minute unpacking. Games started after this are virtually instant.

Overall this is a fine example of doing a solid game a solid.

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