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Published by Eggertspiele Designed by Touko Tahkokallio
Chris's Opinion: To keep the pieces tidy ensure you have 4-5 zip-loc bags prior to pushing out the die-cut pieces.


PRINCIPATO is played over 3 Game Years with players attempting to score the most VPs by the end of the third year and thus win. At the end
of each Game Year there a Military Scoring takes place.

Victory points in PRINCIPATO are degrees of Wealth and Prestige garnered from keeping a good balance of Agriculture and Military Strength.

Play is neither complicated or complex but it does need someone who can understand the 8 pages of well detailed rules. The game suggests aged
12 and upwards and that's about right in my opinion. Unfortunately like so many games published recently this again is only for 2-4 players.

Players each have a Principality, a player board that has 5 different regions - Environs, which is the farm area outside of the City Wall, the City
which takes up over 50% of the central board space, the Palace and the Church.

PRINCIPATO is a card driven game. Players have 2 Actions to perform in their turn, two Actions which are chosen from the 3 available - Activate
an Action Card, Change an Action Card or Take a Favour Cube - and the same Action can be performed twice if wanted. After taking their second
Action the face up cards on display - placed from the current Year Deck (these Decks are marked 1, 2 and 3) - one of the displayed cards is discarded
and a new card added to the display from the Year Deck. Once the Year Deck is exhausted the year ends, and after the third deck has been used up the
game ends. The well thought through mechanics mean that the Players have to keep their Condottiere supplied with Money and their Milita with Food.
The Order of play can be detrimental or advantageous if Money and Food are short in stock; Order of Play is determined by Military Strength.

Players each have Goal cards, marked 1 and 2, so you need to also think about playing towards them as part of the End Game as you may get extra
VPs at the final scoring depending on how well you have succeeded in your Goals.

Readers of my reviews will know that I often pick up on the poorer parts of games but in truth the only complaint I could possibly level at PRINCIPATO
is the lack of zip-loc bags, and if that's all that's wrong with the game then to be honest, nothing is wrong with the game. Sure I would have liked it to be
playable by 5 players (our regular gaming group is 5) but that's just unfortunate and so we have to play it on meet-days when one of us (not me of course)
cannot make it.

I say this quite often in reviews but even with the adjustment of cards this really isn't a good 2 player game. With 3 players it is okay + but I strongly suggest
you play it with the full compliment of 4 (experienced gamers) players and you will enjoy a good 60-90 minutes of excellent board gaming.

Well worth owning a copy or at least knowing someone who owns a copy.......


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