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Going supernova!

Primordial, the new expansion for award-winning strategy game Planetarium,launched on Kickstarter today and funded in under 2 hours! That means it's time to knock down some stretch goals. Support the campaign and help us unlock even more content for Primordial!

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Primordial adds two new exciting modules to Planetarium, Epochs and Frost Line. 

Epochs extends the play time of Planetarium by starting with a solar system in its infancy, and includes the Late Heavy Bombardment to wipe and re-distribute the evolution track for a more epic experience!

Frost Line allows High and Low Evolution cards to be played within or beyond the frost line to accrue Heat or Cold tokens. These tokens earn extra points but can be melted or cooled off cards when planets move around the solar system.

New to Planetarium? You can also pick up the base game at a great, Kickstarter-only price!

Primordial will be on Kickstarter through Thursday, September 20 at 8PM EST. Don't miss out on this amazing planetary experience!

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