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I was well surprised when I went to play PRIDE RUN on my PC via Steam because the option screen gave me the choice of playing on the PLAYSTATION 4 or the XBOX ONE with no mention of it being available on Steam, even though I was looking at it on my computer monitor.

This has to be one of the most Politically Correct/InCorrect weird retro style games I have played. 

The graphics are blocky and pixellated, just like we used to play on our Commodores and Ataris way back in the days when home computers were beginning to appear in every home. 

As any regular reader of Games Gazette Online knows I am not personally a great fan of retro-style games, mainly because my latest PC, especially the graphics card, is not being used to anywhere near its capabilities and I figure with all that power it should be giving me television cartoon type animations not blocky pixels that you often can't correctly recognise what (more likely 'who') they are supposed to be.

PRIDE RUN uses an extremely old mechanic and that is the TAP TAP TAP on the keys to keep the tune running merrily and the Pride Run on track.

There are about 16 cities where the Run takes place, and by completing one you can move on to the next. Each Run ends with a ferocious tapping dance off-attack against the end of level monster, one of which is President Donald Duck Trump.

When played on a console such as an XBox ONE you have to quickly tap the correct symbol at the correct moment. In this way it is very much like the Guitar Hero games, in fact it gets more like Guitar Hero as the symbols mix and match and appear in runs, triplets and singles just like GH notes. 

When played on the PC via STEAM you have to use the keyboard (unless you have a good PC controller) in which case the keys WASD are the symbols - even though onscreen you will see the controller symbols of the PS4 or ONE depending on which of the two you went with when beginning the game.

I think I have the key selection correct here:

PS4:              W = Y      A = Square        S = X  and       D = Circle   
XBox ONE: W = Y      A = X                 S  = A  and      D = B

On the PC this is a dexterity test for your left hand as the symbols scrolling along the screen come faster and faster and in combinations that are like tongue-twisters for your fingers. Hit enough and you are successful, miss too many and you have to start the Run again. 

Stubbornly I have to admit that the dance-off end-Run finales are actually fun and I can't help myself trying to get to them but the overall Tap Tap Tap mechanic does get a bit too repetitive.

VANILLA (easy with Tutorial)  Play Hard (not easy)

Can the Black Bunny defeat the Big Evil Orange Man ?


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