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This is a fantasy action adventure tale available on STEAM from publishers/producers bitComposer and Game Farm.

You have the usual, Easy, Normal, Hard options, which generally mean you get to fight more monsters and your character can take less damage.

There is another option available to you, Old School Mode, which removes the quest markers from the map and main screen meaning you have
to find people without aid and remember where they are. This is for players with plenty of time on their hands, as are the Normal and Hard levels
of difficulty - easy is hard enough.


Your character can travel between the regular world of the Heretic Kingdoms (a place almost always in turmoil, both political and military) and
the Shadow worlds. He is seen as either a regular human named Jasker when he is buying, selling, talking to NPCs etc in the Heretic Kingdoms
but once he goes through to the Shadow World he becomes the Devourer, a demon who gains strength, power and skills by consuming the souls
of the creatures he kills.


The game takes on the regular format of many other games in this genre. Talk to someone, they ask for your help, you do their task, they reward you
with information, gold or an item you require. This generally leads you to another quest and so on and so forth. A mini map in the top right corner is
always on display so you can see where you are, where you have been and who (static NPCs) is where. It also shows the location of exits and teleports.

Graphically this is a lovely game although it does fall into the run-around back and forth style of adventure. It gets more exciting when you change to
the Devourer and everything turns into smokey, eerie shadow form. As a human you get attacked by acid spitting spiders and their like, and also as the
human you have fewer hit points and are more likely to die. Changing to the demon makes you a much different and stronger character. One of the good
points of the game is that there are instant change keys (S = Human A = Demon) so that if you are losing a battle as the human counterpart you can swiftly
turn to the demon. Whatever you were fighting (as the human) is no longer visible, though you are likely to get a number of ghostly apparitions in their

With elements from so many other fantasy adventure games it would be easy to dismiss SHADOWS the HERETIC KINGDOMS as just another run of the
mill 3rd person action games, and it would be true if it wasn't for the demon side that makes the game so much more enjoyable and atmospheric. If you play
or have played DIABLO (in any of its formats, or any similar game) you will be familiar with the action.

Good, intuitive adventures in two very different worlds, virtually at the same time.


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