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FRIEDEMANN FRIESE and 2F-SPIELE have published numerous expansions for the excellent POWER GRID boardgame.

Here under each of the three expansions I have to hand - I have already mentioned "The FIRST SPARKS" on this site some while ago - I have copied the text from

The expansions are different and offer different options for playing POWER GRID.

The ROBOTS has just  2 cardboard die-cut sheets with 30 robot tiles plus a Rules booklet.

AUSTRALIA/INDIAN SUBCONTINENT has just a double-sided board and a rules sheet. Note:  Australia does not have a single connected power network.

NORTHERN EUROPE/UK & IRELAND has 1 double-sided game board and  12 new power plants (for Northern Europe).

These are just 3 of the expansions that keep POWER GRID expanding and changing so that although the game stays loyal to the original conception there are alterations and differences, mostly minor, to the rules that ensure the game captures the ever-growing facets of major industry around the globe.

To actually review these separately is pretty pointless for no matter what I say only players who own POWER GRID will be interested and if I am not mistaken, those players will be fiercely loyal to it, thus they will already have these expansions or they will be waiting for news of them - this is that news; they are here. Of course there will be parts of an expansion or maybe a complete expansion that is one man's meat and another man's poison - that is there will be favourites that are popular and some that are not, but these of course will differ player by player.

I just want to use this page to give players the heads-up on what you can expect when you purchase a POWER GRID expansion.

Going by the prices at the excellently fair LEISURE GAMES in London, you can buy these expansions for £14.99 (UK, Northern Europe and Ireland) £12.99 (Australia & Indian Subcontinent)  and  £7.99 (The Robots)


You finally have a new opponent for your Power Grid games: a robot that acts as an additional player. Thanks to his different actions and special abilities he is a strong opponent. You will manage the robot's "decisions" and can use him to act against the other opponent(s).  With this expansion, Power Grid is an exciting and fun experience for two (and more) players!  Power Grid: The Robots is designed especially for two players, but you can use a robot with up to five human players, too. You can even use more than one robot in a game.  The robot consists of five tiles, one tile with rules for each phase (except phase 1 »Determine Player Order« and phase 5 »bureaucracy«) plus a special ability, which the robot uses during the game. With a total of 30 tiles - six different tiles for each phase - your Power Grid games will never be the same again!


Power Grid: Australia/Indian Subcontinent is a pair of expansions for Power Grid!  • Australia does not have a single connected power network. Only in the populated regions, mainly in the south east, are several cities connected to each other. Because of this, players may connect to any city for a connection cost that's generally higher than normal. Australia does not use uranium for its power production, but it does mine huge amounts of the material to sell to other countries. This offers a completely new game element, even for experienced Power Grid players!  • The Indian Subcontinent is always in danger of suffering huge power outages if the players increase their networks too quickly. Additionally, the players must buy their resources on a limited resource market, which does not always guarantee enough resources for all players.


Power Grid: Northern Europe/United Kingdom & Ireland is a pair of expansions for Power Grid that includes twelve new power plant cards exclusive for Northern Europe!  • Northern Europe: The seven countries in Northern Europe use very different energy sources for their electricity production. Depending on which regions are chosen the players will be confronted with a changed set of power plants.  • United Kingdom & Ireland: The players can operate two different networks on these two isles. With no direct connection between Ireland and Great Britain, starting the second network costs the player dearly. Additionally, this region changed from a resource exporter to an importer in a very short time, so »Step 3« starts earlier when playing on this map.

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