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IT HAD TO HAPPEN! BREXIT RULES, no! literally, these are the rules for a Post-Brexit RPG
Deep in the London Underground there is the SHADOW of MOGG. Can you survive it?

This is an independent set of rules designed by Panny who works hard for Modiphius PR. A .pdf will cost you £5.00 a physical copy £12.00
There is no indication whether postage is extra or included so best to guess it being extra.

The game is complete in plain text form and this Kickstarter is to fund re-writing, editing and updating the core rules and getting the entire book professionally laid out in A5 Zine form.   

Panayiotis Lines   London, UK  
My name's Panny, I'm a London based writer and tabletop games designer. A long time GM, I love both running and writing games, I run the London OSR meet which brings together London's OSR community to run and play games, and in my daylight hours I work for Modiphius Entertainment. You can find me on twitter @lines_panny and e-mail me at



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