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POOL NATION 2013 is a revised edition of the XBox game from last year. There isn't a lot you can do with a
game based on the game of Pool except ensure that the balls look round, roll smoothly and with reality, and the
players have control of their shots. Of course once you have all that you have to jazz it up with some trick shots,
eye-catching backgrounds and surrounds and attractively coloured and decal decorated pool tables.


There are numerous Pool games and a variety of Pool Tables and Opponents. As you win games you move to new
opposition who play better than their predecessors, thus each new game is a new challenge.


There are also different competitions such as potting the balls in numerical order in a race to be the one who pots the
last ball or the 8 Ball. You can play a whole variety of shots, straight, top hit, side swerve, cueing down on the ball,
making the white jump over other balls, spin shots, screw shots, in fact every type of shot you can think of.

This is a game for players who enjoy playing Pool, cannot get out to the Hall or Pub, have no friends (lol) or who want
to practice for when they go to the Hall or Pub. You actually can learn from this game how to play shots on a real table.

If you already have a Pool game for your PC (or console etc) then you already have all you need, but if you haven't then
this is a good game both for some fun sport and for some challenging play either against human or computerised A.I.

The arena's and halls in which the tables are set are all very good and expertly designed, but as they have no influence on
the game you generally skip past them to the crux of the game - the Pool Tables.

Pool Nation is produced by CHERRY POP GAMES and the PC version runs via the STEAM media.





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