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PolyHero Dice - Cleric, Warrior, Wizard, and Rogue

Channel the divine with dice for Clerics of all types. And bless your whole party with new sets for Warriors, Rogues, and Wizards!

Each Cleric set includes 8 dice:

D4 Hammer

D6 Mace

D8 Healing Potion

2 D10 Dice (Celestial and Infernal)

D12 Chalice

2 D20 Censers

Each Warrior Reforged set comes 8 dice:

D4 Dagger

D6 Sword

D8 Mace

2 D10 Gauntlets

D12 Helmet

2 D20 Spike Balls

Each Rogue set comes with 8 dice:

D4 Dagger

D6 Poison Vial

D8 Crossbow Bolt

2 D10 Loot Bags

D12 Jewel

2 D20 Powder Kegs

Each Wizard set comes with 8 dice:

D4 Bolt

D6 Fireball

D8 Scroll

2 D10 Potions 

D12 Wand

2 D20 Orb







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