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After last year's "Sigismundus Augustus", Historical Games Factory from Poland presents a new international release (Polish/English), "The Outcast Heroes" (Bohaterowie Wyklęci).
This card game for 2-4 players will be available at this year's SPIEL fair in Essen (booth 2-B130) at the price of 15 EUR.


Playing "The Outcast Heroes" you will become a leader of a Polish underground military unit and you will fight against Communism. The USSR wants to include Poland in its influence zone, but there are still people who resist and stand up for independence. Will you manage to stop the red plague?

In the summer of 1944 the Polish Committee of National Liberation, the illegal executive government established in Poland by Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, issued a decree “Concerning the disbandment of secret military organizations in liberated territories”. This is how the Polish Underground State, including its biggest military organizations, the Home Army and the National Armed Forces, was exposed to repression by the new communist government which was gradually taking over the country.

Several months after this decree was published, general Leopold Okulicki (pseud “Niedźwiadek”), the last leader of the Home Army, issued an order to disband the organization and released his soldiers from the oath, but commanded them to stay in the underground. However, other armed units still fought against the communist invaders – nowadays they are called the Cursed Soldiers. Now you can lead such a unit and fight for “Free, Independent, Happy Poland!”

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