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Level 45 Shiny Metagross Pokémon character will be distributed at the 2013 Pokémon Video Game National Championships

Attendees at this year’s Pokémon National Championships will be able to take part in the special distribution of the powerful character Metagross - similar to the one Masters Division player Ray Rizzo used to win the 2012 Pokémon World Championships. The Level 45 Shiny Pokémon also shares the same moves, held item, nature and ability as Ray Rizzo’s Metagross.

The final free to enter European tournaments will take place in the UK (June 1-2) and will determine who will go on to win a travel expenses paid trip to the 2013 Pokémon World Championships in Vancouver, in August. The UK Pokémon TCG tournament is open to players that competed in at least 7 events during the 2013 tournament season.

Download the 2013 Pokémon National Championships teaser video here:

To compete in the video game tournament players need to bring their Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS system, and their copy of Pokémon Black VersionPokémon White Version, Pokémon Black Version 2, or Pokémon White Version 2, along with their Player ID. To get a Player ID, please visit or register at the event. To receive the shiny new Metagross players do not need to take part in the tournament but will need to bring along the same equipment.  

The VGC and TCG events will be taking place at the following locations with three age restricted divisions:

VGC Dates
Sunday June 2: Video Game Live Event: UK, Birmingham, National Exhibition Center (NEC), Pavilion 1

TCG Dates
Saturday & Sunday, June 1 - 2 TCG Live Event: UK, Birmingham, National Exhibition Center (NEC), Pavilion 1

For more details on tournament rules and registration please visit: www.pokemon. and for video game for TCG.

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