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Start the new Pocket Play series of Pegasus Games

Friedberg, 07 July 2016: You can play anytime, anywhere. In the new Pocket Play series Pegasus Games publishes practical driving games at a low price. The series contains Move versions of classics completely new title. At a suggested retail price of 6.99 euros, the Pocket Play games are ideal stocking stuffers or driving games for parties or holidays.

Everyone knows rural-urban flow. But now Peter Neugebauer is urban-rural differently. The popular word-finding game and augmenting it with new categories and specifications. Instead of starting with the players now need to find items that match colors or even properties or contain a certain number of vowels. A shrewd points classification rewards the originality of the players. Here everyone can take part.

In Bookworm by Michael Palm and Lukas Zach players try letter cards to play of the hand by name a word that starts with the letter of the card played. But that is not so easy, after the word on the current topic has to fit. Whether sports, spices or cartoon characters - the topics are varied and divided into different levels of difficulty. Who can first play all the cards from his hand, wins. Up to eight players can communicate urns in verbal acrobatics.

The Move version of the popular Deduktionsspiels werewolves Ted Alspech allows up to 20 players exciting, interactive rounds. If it is possible the villagers to expose the werewolves in their ranks or triumph the creatures of the night? Werewolves Move is also suitable as introductory game for beginners and enthusiastic with new variants and characters experienced werewolves fans.

Mind Maze is the popular puzzle series of Pegasus Games The Riddler reading a riddle, and the players have to come up with yes / no questions on the actual course of events -. And is most curious and tricky Anyone thinking around the corner, the solution already comes. much closer. Whether raven stories, thrilling criminal cases or incredible, but true events, Mind Maze mix contains a mix of fun puzzles. 11 cases in the first four sets - these are 44 cases of tricky quizzes.

And the Mind Maze series is extended by yet a new title: Mind Maze - Stories for Young Detectives contains 66 mind-bending puzzles that are particularly well suited for young detectives and puzzles fans. Whether at recess in the schoolyard or on the road in the bus - the exciting puzzles can be solved everywhere.

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