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Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Shrek the motion picture with Pocket Shrek 2.0!  It's launching on the App Store and Google Play next Thursday, 28th April.

Feline Swashbuckler Puss In Boots takes starring role in major ‘Pocket Shrek’ update, out for iOS and Android next week

Pocket Shrek is an interactive character app inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek franchise. In addition to playing as Shrek and Donkey, fans of the beloved franchise can now keep their very own Puss In Boots close by! Play the guitar with him, wash and groom him, stroke and tickle him, watch him dance and draw his sword! Discover super fun Puss In Boots quests as well as many other interactive elements that are sure to delight.

Pocket Shrek features: 
Mini Games! - Discover 10 mini games to play with Puss In Boots, Shrek and Donkey. 
Exploration! - Explore the world of Far Far Away with a brand new map feature that charts your path and records your progress. 
Collect cool stuff! - Players can collect stickers and earn gold coins from completing quests, trade gold coins for potions which you can use on Puss In Boots, Shrek and Donkey. 
Interact with your favourite! - Each character is unique and has a whole personality to discover.

The official Pocket Shrek website can be found at here.





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