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The LITTLE PLASTIC TRAIN COMPANY are Kickstarting models for train games such as Ticket to Ride.

We’re less than two weeks from launch day and we couldn’t be more excited. The response to our Deluxe Board Game Train Sets has been overwhelming. We had no idea so many people would be interested in our miniature trains!

We wanted to give all of our email list subscribers (more than 2,000 of you!) some insider info into what to expect for the campaign.

There will be three main pledge levels:

1) Passenger: order any individual train sets you like

2) Conductor: order a complete set of all five train sets (at a big discount from ordering all five sets individually)

3) Yardmaster: order a complete set of all five train sets and get your name on the Midnight Express tin!

If you want to make a good game beautiful then take a looksee HERE

Our Midnight Express tin calls to mind the simple train advertisements of the 19th century, which were often just a picture of the locomotive and names of the company’s officers. Now you can be one of those officers!

A typical 19th century locomotive ad

If you back at the Yardmaster pledge level, your name will be placed on the Midnight Express tin as either the President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Superintendent of the Midnight Express!

Because we only have space for four names, this pledge level is limited to just four backers. If you want to be immortalized on one of our tins, you’ll need to act fast! We expect that all four of these slots will be gone the day our campaign launches.

As an email subscriber, we’ll send you an email minutes after our campaign launches. But if you want to be notified the very instant we hit that “launch” button, we encourage you to sign up at our official Kickstarter pre-launch page here. We’ll let you know in a future email exactly what time we expect to launch on April 6th.

Art matters.

When we first started working on our Deluxe Board Game Train Sets, we didn’t just want our trains to look fantastic. We wanted the artwork to look fantastic as well.

Each of our five trains comes from a different period in railroading history, from the 19th century to the present day.

So we thought…

Wouldn’t it be cool if the art style on each tin matched the time period for each train?

We had to find an artist who could not only draw trains realistically but who could also draw in multiple art styles. That’s a tall ask for any artist and we fully expected to have to hire several.

That was until we found Julianne Griepp.

She’s the artist for all of our train sets and she absolutely crushed it! We’ve never seen an artist so comfortable with so many different styles and we couldn’t be happier with her work. She enjoyed working on the project so much that she’s agreed to work with us on future train sets!

If you haven’t heard of her, well, she did just graduate from art school last year. But we absolutely expect you’ll be seeing more of her work in the future.

We encourage you to check out some of her other art on her website and instagram page.


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