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The Pegasus Kids get growth from the first track in the red dot pattern - Piratissimo. The sailing adventure for children 6 years is now available exclusively in stores. Of course, the new edition of the former Selecta game shines there again with high-quality wooden toys and pretty illustrations. In addition, the next title in the series already in preparation with the cooperative Save the fairy tale treasure and the all-new Magic cubed of successful authors duo Michael Palm and Lukas Zach.

Ahoy sailors and serve up the treasure, that is the motto at Piratissimo. But it is no wonder that the old pirate treasures lie untouched on the islands of the Pacific, because here tosen dangerous hurricanes! Of the brave captains in Piratissimo can not be deterred, however. The storms and fierce opponents in defiance they embark on a treasure hunt. However, anyone who is too greedy, brings his boat with the total gold cargo capsized. And if a hurricane hit, everything goes haywire.

Piratissimo is an atmospherically-turbulent treasure hunt for 2 to 4 ordinary seamen by Manfred Ludwig. Already in the first edition it was awarded with the German price and learning as a top game for kids. In addition, it was nominated for the Children's 2006. It is now available as part of the Pegasus game retailers action in all good games business. The recommended retail price is € 24.95.

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