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This is a silly fun game for four year olds and above (up to about 6 or 7). It is published by Amigo and is designed by Liesbeth Bos,
the Dutch person responsible for one our favourite Children/Adult strategy games, Captain Clever.  However whereas Captain Clever
has adult overtones (tactically) Pillow Battle is strictly for the kids.

As you can see from the illustrations the game is about flipping soft material pillows onto a bed by means of see-saw like constructions.

Every time you successfully land a pillow in the bed you place one of your creatures (Mice, Bears, Rabbits and Bears) onto a bed post. If
one of your creatures is knocked off its bed post then you have to take back one of your pillows from the bed.

The winner is the first player to land all 4 of their pillows on the bed.


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