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Shoot ‘em down! – The Pigeon Game now available on Google Play

Micro-studio's game takes flight


London (Wednesday, 25th March 2015) – Independent developer Lucy Jane Pullinger has announced that her first game to be freely available via Google Play starting today will be The Pigeon Game.

Previously available to play in-browser only through, The Pigeon Game, has already created a fan base for itself boasting previous appearances at London’s gaming bar, Loading, or events such as LadyCade.

Currently, players are cooing praise like "Literally the best pigeon themed game I've played this week. Well. Today" – Mike Bithell, (Thomas Was Alone, Volume), “This is actually alright.” - Andrew Smith (Tango Fiesta) or “I wasn't expecting to get as into this as I did, and now I hate pigeons.” – Dan Pearce (10 Second Ninja)

In the game players must survive and shoot waves of vicious pigeons while making sure they won’t fall from the clouds. Currently in alpha stage and featuring music from renowned chiptune musician, Sabrepulse, The Pigeon Game has already started a Twitter high score battle between its existing players.

The Pigeon Game was originally created as a response to Chime’s creator Steve Curran’s challenge to build a game in a month and since its inception it has been praised for its easy-to-play yet hard-to-master game play mechanics.

“Although The Pigeon Game isn’t technically my first game, it is the first one that got people so hooked they started shouting at the screen and wouldn’t give back the phone for ages because they wanted to play that one extra round” Lucy says.

The Pigeon Game was built in Construct 2, designed and developed by Lucy Jane Pullinger, with music from Sabrepulse and it is free to download and play on Google Playhere and on here.

About Lucy Makes Games

A one-woman studio, Lucy Jane Pullinger has started making games following a challenge from Chime creator and One Life Left presenter, Steve Curran. Since December 2014, Lucy Makes Games has slowly built a portfolio of casual games such as The Lava Game or The Car Game available on or via the official website.

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