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Today is an exciting day for Perfect World Entertainment! We are very excited to announce that our very first launched MMO – Perfect World International – will be receiving a brand new update later this winter. Titled Perfect World International: New Horizons, players will be introduced to a new Ascension system, a card trading and battling system, and a whole lot more! 
Additional minor changes include new starting areas to ease in new players, new events, enhancements to combat, more instances and quests, and optimization of low level quests. There’s a lot coming very soon, and our team can’t wait to present you with more information than ever!
More specific details about New Horizons can be found here:
More information on Perfect World International: New Horizons will be released in the upcoming weeks, and those interested in speaking with representatives are more than welcome to reach out to me! 
For more information about Perfect World International, and to begin playing now for free, please visit the official website:
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