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PEREGRIN is an action adventure where you proceed onwards by solving puzzles using either tamed creatures or other objects found onscreen.
The game was created by Don Walters and developed by Domino Digital Limited. 


Abi is a solo adventurer. She lands on a deserted beach on an ancient island after being washed towards the shore on a large rowboat that was bashed and smashed by the stormy raging sea. Once on shore she has a mental conversation with her mentor, Amittai, and learns that she has been chosen to bring an end to the war with the gods. Abi has to traverse the land, find her way through the creatures and obstacles in her way and locate the lords of creation themselves, the gods, and talk them into peace - easy!

On her way she encounters monoliths and totems in the ground from which she can gain special powers that allow her to tame one of the creatures in each scene to help her. They can fight against other creatures, move obstructions, such as huge boulders and block the security beams/lasers that are built at various points along the way. The further Abi travels the harder it gets to continue on her way. There is a range for each of these totems, shown by a sparkling line around the area. If you control a creature and it trys to move out of the totem's range it bounces off the "invisible" wall/barrier. If you let go of control then the crerature usually goes back to its start position. This makes some of the puzzle solving more difficult because, for instance, you move the creature to block the security ray, then you let go of control so you can move Abi past the beam, but instead the critter runs back to its original post much faster than you can take control back of Abi and move her past the beam.


Each scene onscreen has its own different puzzle. First you have to determine what the puzzle is, sometimes it's obvious and other times you may die or you may tame a creature and they die until you finally see what the issue is. One thing I found about the 3D terrain is that it isn't always as it seems. For example there is one scene early on where there is an obvious pathway visible around the back of the security cannon-like laser. If you try to walk along that path you fall off the edge of the world and die - this also occurs to any creatures you try to walk along this path; verdict - don't walk along this path.


Each time you come across a new problem you are given a quick pictorial study on how to react with surrounding objects. 


Below and above you can see four of the help screens, easy to understand and so brief that they don't really intrude on your gaming. 


Most of the game is seen from overhead which gives you a good wide view of the land but is also a bit of a shame as you don't get to see the full detail of the characters and creatures. 


PEREGRIN is fun. It's an unusual mix of adventure, action and puzzles and it works so well. It is also quite frustrating but that is something I expect where puzzles are concerned. I like the fact that sometimes you look for the puzzle and then realise that there isn't an actual problem to solve, instead you have to defeat the creatures in front of you. Othertimes you need to find a way past them sneakily. Definitely for players who enjoy strategy puzzles.

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