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PENGUIN SOCCER is a 2 or 4 player board game from New Yorker Avri Klemer. It comes in a soft pencil-case type pouch andis currenlty only available from Nestor Games
You can find out more about the game and its Merchandise here:   or contact Penguin Soccer by email.

I met Avri (who hails from New York) at the local to me board games convention in Rochford, Triple B, at the Skylark Hotel and he was enthusiastic at being in England at the
right time (he was here for his Gran's 90th Birthday celebration) to find a board games convention virtually on his (English) doorstep.

He introduced me to PENGUIN SOCCER. This is a neat game, obviously designed for 2 players though 4 can play as teams of 2, with a board that looks as if it has been printed
on a mouse mat - it is soft and rubbery. The parts, 3 White Penguins, 3 Black Penguins and a "ball" are cute though not cuddly - the "ball" is a flat wooden counter.

Each player has a team of 3 Penguins, One Mummy (large) one Daddy (medium) and one Baby (small). They are deliberately designed in this fashion because thet each have
special Movement (Mum 1 space, Dad 2 spaces, Baby 3 spaces) and Kicking (Mum 3 spaces) Dad 2 spaces and baby 1 space) abilities.

On their turn players have a choice of Standing one of their Penguins up, in which case that Penguin can move in any direction (choice of 8 surrounding squares including the
diagonals), Sliding one of their Penguins across the ice - full movement has to be used - or Kicking the Ball. Movement (Sliding or Standing) can also be used to tackle opponent
Penguins as long as they have the ball - you cannot tackle a Penguin who does not have the ball. Tackling is literally landing on the ball. If an opponent has the ball your Penguin
simply pushes the opponent away and steps on the Ball to claim it. If this hasn't taken all of its movement points then any remaining are lost.

The idea is to get the ball into the opponent's Goal Square - top left at either end as you look at it head on - it is not marked other than to be the space under the Penguin with the
Ball in the "endzone" area. When a Penguin is standing up it can be laid down and slid across the ice, turning up to 45 degrees at the end of its turn. It can only Stand up next time
it is activated or continue to move in the direction it is facing. Standing Penguins can move off in any direction.

There is a fair amount of styrategy involved as the Penguins come onto the ice one at a time - you dont have to bring them all into play and can in fact win with only 2 on the board.
Penguins can be pushed off the ice in which case they can reappear at their particular Goal Square when it is their owner's turn. Penguins on the Goal Square can only be of the
same side as the Goal Square's owner, opposing Penguins cannot enter this square but the ball can.

Overall this is a fun abstract strategy challenge well worthy of a place amongst your two-player boardgame collection.


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