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7 in one go: Events on the weekend

Pegasus on Tour: 7 Games events in Germany & Austria next weekend bring players together and having fun at the tables

Friedberg, November 21, 2014: The Christmas season is approaching with great strides. But the question of the right gift can be this weekend in cold, wet weather combine business with pleasure: Because then load equal to seven games events in Germany and Austria to experience games, to share fun and get to know what brings joy , A meeting with the varied autumn news as well as the games of the year by Pegasus Games (Camel Up "Game of the Year" 2014; Istanbul "Kenner Game of the Year" in 2014) may be the visitors all events certain:

Süddeutsche Games Fair - Stuttgart

With a contingent of around 4,000 games, Messe Stuttgart receives as part of the Stuttgart Exhibition Fall of 20 to 23 November from 10 clock players from near and far. On Saturday, the camels going on at the state of the games writers guild (Stand 1-F18): With an open Camel Up tournament including live commentary and a book signing with author Steffen Bogen games by 15 clock.

play active - Innsbruck

From 21 to 23 November, the game attracts active for the 20th time daily from 10-18 clock not only playful children and young people who have free admission on CHILDREN & YOUTH DAY November 21, but also adults and experienced players to Innsbruck , On three levels is much and offered something for every taste; because between board games and tournaments as well as stage shows, climbing tower and much more you can opt hardly.

Come play with me! - New Ulm

For the 30th time will be held on 22 and 23 November in Neu-Ulm "Bavaria great board game extravaganza" instead. In addition to an exciting program, visitors to the Edwin Scharff-Haus expected from 13:30 clock the "Game of the Year" tournaments with Camel Up and Istanbul.

Festival of Games - Graz

Also come on camel is the traditional event at the Graz Kunsthaus. Under the motto "desert games" are at the center also Camel Up and Istanbul. The festival opens on 21 November from 19 clock with the legendary "loooong night of games", followed by the friendship and family days on 22 and 23 November, respectively from 14 clock.

Plattlinger games daily - Plattling

Already for the fifth time loads the Civic Hospital Plattling with over 1,500 board games and card games in five days to play and birthday will be celebrated on Saturday! From 19 to 23 November in the School Games news and tournament games will be declared for the tournaments you can sign up for free on site.

DreieichCon - Dreieich

From 10 clock on 22 November, the Hessian role play paradise opens its doors for 32 hours and offers guided rounds (Shadowrun) for all experience levels. In addition to the readings and workshops of various writers and editors invite celebrity guests to autograph session.

WinterCon - Osnabrück

"WinterCon is coming ..." it says from 10 clock on 22 November in the heart of the old town of Osnabrück, more precisely in the Youth House. Board games, tabletop and role-play rounds pull the game enthusiasts in the spell and the legendary Caption Contest beckons with cool prizes. Again can be played non-stop 32 hours.

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