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Nonstop events in the month of April Pegasus

On April 11, 2015, the Pegasus Game Day Krosmaster Frigost brings with a bang in retail stores - with demonstration laps and with exclusive prices


Friedberg, March 17, 2015: April 11, 2015 will be a feast for players: The International Day TableTop thousands of Events for game enthusiasts are taking place around the world, prominently advertised by the flagship Geeks Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton. The contribution of Pegasus Spiele to this holiday for team players: The first Pegasus Game Day! This is all about "Krosmaster Frigost" - for the first extension of the popular thumbnail and tournament play Krosmaster arena stands in the wings. The perfect time to dive into the Krosmoz.

Many traders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland sent on April 11, the Pegasus Game-Day: Krosmaster Frigost from. Here, players can make in demo laps a first image of tactical board game hits or full board at the Pegasus Game Day tournaments with exclusive price support equal. The demonstration laps grant either a quick insight with crisp short skirmishes, which allows Krosmaster duel box. Or search the entire Krosmaster experience including the new world of ice expansion Frigost.

Krosmaster expert can, however, be measured in the official competition - and it's worth it: You can win namely the coveted pink special characters. These exclusive Krosmaster figures are not only available in Germany for the first time. The tournaments ofPegasus Game Day are also the only chance to get these rare figures.

Traders who wish to register for the event, have this in until 07 April 2015 opportunity. However, early registration is worthwhile, because the tournament sets with exclusive price support are strictly limited.

The Pegasus Game-Day: Krosmaster Frigost not only brings the Krosmoz in the favorite shops of the players - it also marks the Pegasus game days a! From 13 April to 03 May 2015, the Pegasus game days are celebrated by dealer and lure it with an attractive array of new games for all tastes. A perfect opportunity for the new highlights of Pegasus Spiele meet with explanations on the spot and the opportunity to try out the games directly.

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