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Mombasa's crunch match at the Austrian Games Award in the category "Games Hit for experts" - Epic PVP win the fantasy price "Griffin Scroll"


Friedberg, 06.29.2016: On 25.06. was awarded for the 16th time the Austrian Games Price of the Vienna Games Academy. For the first time "Games Hit" categories of the additional "simply the best" was achieved in the four assigned to the respective top match. Must wear these new labeling immediate economic game Mombasa Pegasus Games, which was awarded as "Games Hit simply the best for experts". In addition, Epic PVPwon the "Griffin Scroll", which is awarded to outstanding games from the fantasy and science fiction field.

In the economic simulation of Mombasa selling author Alexander Pfister, players take on the role of investors in Africa. Four trading companies from Mombasa, Cape Town, Saint-Louis and Cairo vying for supremacy on trade in bananas, cotton and coffee. As good businessmen, the players try to promote the spread of the companies and to acquire shares in the companies. Because the more a company is spread on the continent, the more valuable are the shares. But this alone is not enough to win the most money and the victory at the end. Only those who lead a good bookkeeping and valuable diamonds collects the most bags will have at the end.

Controlled the game is a thrilling card mechanism ... Read more on the Pegasus website

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