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The small games of Pegasus Games all tourists have the right game in the luggage.  INFO |

Friedberg, 04.08.2015: Whether the summer holidays are spent in the distance or at home - Pegasus Games provides the small, fast games fun for all. Whether with your family, couple or solo - everyone can find in small series, the matching game.

Keep a cool head is the motto when soloing Brains - Japanese garden of successful author Reiner Knizia, for a harmonious Japanese garden needs to be well planned. In 50 tricky thinking puzzles from one to six of the seven track tiles must be suitably placed on the puzzle templates. The difficulty in this case increases continuously. Go there Brains as an app. The game comes with a code that can be redeemed with the additional puzzles.

For the whole family are in particular the First and Games Why Mondo - The rapid Lege fun. ? In the madcap race and card game Why First, each of the two to six players want to finish second - only the second place at the end wins the game. The quick match game Mondo - The rapid Lege fun is the successor to the small board game hits Mondo. Against each other and the time shall be of suitable islands are built on a 3x3 array - but be careful, choosing the tiles is limited.

For larger rounds the puzzle game Mind Maze is - bending puzzles: Stories about money, power and fame ideal. Together or against each other, the players try to get the solution on the ropes - and sometimes you have to think properly around the corner stories about money, power and fame is now the fourth Theme Set the Mind Maze-series..

The popular 2-player series regains growth by the rapid speed snacks as well as the tactical Dwarves - The Duel In Speed ​​snacks, players compete for the favor of the fast-food customers -. Who can fulfill every customer wish? Fantastic is what The Dwarves - The duel,because the game allows players in the universe of dwarfs Markus Heitz immerse. The struggle between good and evil will take place again by both parties and decided with some maps skill and luck of the dice.

For more fantastic themes offer the games Oddball: Battle of aeronauts and Seventh Hero. Oddball is also a two-person game, providing fast slugfest with tactical possibilities in steampunk look. The Bluff- and tactics game Seventh Hero offers three to five players with a simple game principle an exciting heroes search.

Something is demanding Empire Engine, another Bluff- and Tactics with sophisticated gear mechanism. Two to four players gather resources, access to the players or defend themselves in order to become the most powerful of all major powers. However, since all operate at the same time, some of the enemy's action can not be foreseen so.

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