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Strong families in turbulent times

In the new Kennerspiel The Legacy of Pegasus Spiele is written with powerful dynasties history

Friedberg, December 18, 2014: 1729 - The French Revolution casting its shadow. In order to survive in the face of these historic changes, it requires the strongest possible ties: The family. A handful of enterprising aristocrats has recognized this and is making every effort to secure a peaceful as well as influential future for themselves and their descendants.

As heads of families, the players try The Legacy - build over three generations a great, honorable family tree of power. For this purpose they choose in each round actions of their players tableau to make new contacts in influential circles to arrange marriages with the hand-picked family friends for their children and grandchildren and to provide for their young. Difficult to obtain, however, are the public and most prestigious campaigns such as the acquisition of stately homes, business creation and image building by non-profit events.

The unique stories of the steadily growing and gaining in influence dynasties are firmly held in every game thanks to the innovative, atmospheric pedigree-card display. But just who was able to gain the best reputation after nine rounds, has created a legacy for eternity here.

The Legacy of Pegasus Spiele combines an original card mechanism of action and appealing humorous illustrations to an engaging strategy game for players who think they have seen it all. In the game connoisseurs of the Polish designer Michiel Hendriks one to four players from ten years to provide for her family feel about an hour to the test and write with their distinctive clan history.

RRP € 34.95

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