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Friedberg, September 12, 2014: For the second time this Sunday an extraordinary event took place game: The day of the party game is celebrated simultaneously at 44 locations in Germany and Austria and leading game lovers and connoisseurs from all angles together. Thus, under the motto "urban-rural Plays!" The celebrated across the borders connecting and fun match-making heritage. Pegasus Spiele support this event with free Wi-Game Support.

Nimble fingers are asked on the day of the party game when the visitors in the new Pegasus Game Hook! Hoist the Jolly Rogers. Without long explanations here all play simultaneously. Here, attention and speed are required, so that young players can triumph.

In Werewolves: Inquisition, the great variation in the large group classic werewolves, however, up to 12 players can participate. The communicative game about trust and betrayal captivates and also connects Little player with its dense atmosphere.

"Urban-Rural Plays" is an initiative of the games writers guild (SAZ), the German Game Museum Chemnitz and the German Games Archive in Nuremberg. The event is sponsored by the "Game of the Year eV" and Pegasus Games.

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