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Mice, ladybugs and bunnies at costume parties

The children’s games of the year Viva Topo!, The Ladybugs’ Costume Party plus Zoowaboo and Bouncing Bunnies from Selecta are now released by Pegasus Spiele

Friedberg, September 9th 2015: The children’s games of the year Viva Topo! and The Ladybug’s Costume Party, the nominated Zoowaboo and Bouncing Bunnies are the first four of thirteen multiple distinguished children’s games by Selecta which are now published by Pegasus Spiele and enlarge the still very young children’s game segment. Due to the colourful dots and the cute artworks the boxes of the games are an eyecatcher in every child’s room. The new children’s games will be presented at the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL in Essen from October 8th till October 11th 2015 at booth GA-31.

The illustrator Anne Pätzke who is also going to design the future children’s games has put her back into the new design: colourful dots on the new box format and loving illustrations make children’s hearts leap for joy. There are lots of lovely details to explore on the boxes and on the components of the games. The special colour code helps the parents to find the right game, too. Depending on the age group the games are coloured in green (from 3 years old on), blue (from 4 years old on), yellow (from 5 years old on) or red (from 6 years old on). Inside, the games are provided with valuable wooden figures from Selecta.

In Viva Topo!, the children’s game of the year 2003, 2-4 players become little mice which are on their way to lotusland und want to catch as many cheese as possible. But the cat is right behind the mice and sometimes it’s wiser to catch some slice of cheese on half of the way instead of trying to reach the destination. Viva Topo! is a brilliant children’s game for the whole family from 4 years old on with easy rules and an exciting cat-and-mouse race and offers a quick dice fun in 20-30 minutes.

The Ladybugs’ Costume Party is a cooperative family game for 2-6 players. In this children’s game of the year 2002 the players help the ladybugs to get dressed for the costume party. Because of a clever magnetical mechanism the beetles interchange their coloured dots – but only when they do like each other. Otherwise the supposed partner for the change of dots just turn away. The players have to act wisely because the cheeky ants want to go to the costume party as well and compete with the ladybugs for the few seats at the ball. In 20-30 minutes the players from 4 years old on can prove their skills and dress the colourful beetles for The Ladybugs’ Costume Party.

In Zoowaboo is one thing important: all on board. But stop – does that fit? In this nominated game for the children’s game of the year 2009 2-4 players have to decide how many of the coloured wooden animals fit on the raft. Some of the animals are bigger, other ones are smaller. So with every new animal the players have to decide again whether there is enough space or not. The moment one player doubts this the other players have to prove that it works – but they only have a limited time to prove! In a playing time of 20-30 minutes Zoowaboo demands a sense of proportion and instinctive feelings of the players from 5 years old on.

In Bouncing Bunnies the little hares want to leave their den because it rains. With the help of a coloured dice even the youngest player may help the bunnies to leave their den – in the first step to the exit with the right colour, in the next step to the outside. The one who fetches the most wooden hares wins the game. The game is brilliantly stocked with a clever packaging and an easy rule and offers entertaining fun in 10-15 minutes for 2-5 players from 3 years old on.

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