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New enhancements and promos for Munchkin appeared - started Munchkin Crusade Tournament 2016



Friedberg, July 1, 2016: appeared with Munchkin Steampunk in May a new base game for the cult card game Munchkin. Now follow the first edition of the Guest Artist Edition, Munchkin 6.5 - Gruesome Tombs and a reprint of enhancements for the classic game the next innovations. New promo items as beer mats and bookmarks are available exclusively in the Pegasus Games Premium Shops now. And on the Munchkin CrusadeTournament Series can put their skills and qualify for the German Championship in 2016 Munchkin Munchkin all fans.

Munchkin is with more than a million sold in Germany matches the most successful game series. What began as a fantasy parody about ten years ago, has grown into an imposing Munchkin -world. Whether superheroes, zombies or science fiction - in Munchkin everything parodied in map form. The steampunk genre that has won, among other films such as The Golden Compass or Hugo also at a wider public notoriety, was taken in May with many gears and puns for a ride.

The basic game is just like the games of the new Guest Artist Edition in all Pegasus Games Premium Stores exclusively available. It is the most popular titles of the Munchkin series - reinterpreted by renowned illustrators. First comes illustrated by Ian McGinty edition of the classic fantasy Munchkins. Immediately Star Munchkin Munchkin is also written by Len Peralta available. Fu, illustrated by John Kovalic, the Munchkin illustrator par excellence is, for publication in August in the wings.

In addition to proper style Coasters Munchkin Steampunk is available exclusively in all Premium Stores bookmark for the three games of the Guest Artist Edition, the filters with a special game usually every game on its head.

Even more action to bring the new editions of the enhancements to the classic Munchkin game in the practical double box itself:

Munchkin 3: evocation errors + Munchkin 4: Steed

Munchkin 5: Confused rangers + Munchkin 6: Durchgeknallte Dungeons + 6.5 Munchkin: Gruesome Tombs

Munchkin 7: With both hands cheat + Munchkin 8: Echsenmenschen & Centaurs

For fans of the first hour who already own all the games, the brand new expansion is Munchkin. 6.5: Gruesome Tombs also available separately Gruesome Tombs includes 20 new dungeons and 16 new portals, which had its first appearance in the sixth enlargement Durchgeknallte dungeons and the game extended to crazy new elements.

Munchkin Munchkin apocalypse and legends are also published in the double box. Base game and expansions are here united to full load of Munchkin -fun.

The Munchkin Crusade is the unique and ultimate challenge for all Munchkin fans. By participating, you will not only get great participation rates, but also has the chance to qualify for the German Munchkin championship 2016th Voltage nasty Munchkin -Action and exclusive prizes are guaranteed. On the Crusade page all tournaments with the date and the venue are listed - participation is free.

Crusade Web page with appointments:

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