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Friedberg, October 29th 2014: The biggest secrets of the world were hidden and unattainable in the depth of the oceans for thousands of years. But this will change, thanks to the latest developments and ceaseless curiosity: AquaSphere, a progressive research station at the bottom of the sea, accommodates a few select researchers and their highly developed equipment. Only those who can retain the upper hand over time, annoying octopods and the competitors will resurface with ground-breaking knowledge.

The strategy game, laden with diverse possibilities and tricky decisions, was presented to the public for the first time during SPIEL’14 and turned out to be one of the true highlights of the fair. As one of the top games of the public voting of the Fairplay Scoutaktion and the H@ll9000 games barometer, the novelty by the editorial department of the “Kennerspiel des Jahres” 2014 cristallised quickly into an absolute public’s favourite.

In AquaSphere by cult designer Stefan Feld, every player is in charge of a team of experts, consisting of an engineer and a scientist. For four rounds, the players have to make progress with their research laboratories, program bots, and have a clever time and move management.

But even beyond the bottom of the sea, the fair in Essen was a complete success for Pegasus Spiele. Beside the celebrated games of the year (Camel Up – „Spiel des Jahres“ 2014, Istanbul – „Kennerspiel des Jahers“ 2014), the minimalistic expert game Auf nach Indien! [i.e. Sail to India] by Hisashi Hayashi excelled with best scores in the Fairplay Scoutaktion. Furthermore BAM!, the shameless party game about rude puns, enjoyed great popularity among the 158,000 visitors of the fair.

The consequences of this strong publishing range: a steady stream of visitors among the gaming tables and booming sales under the banner of the winged horse. The visitors of the fair have spoken: Pegasus knows what players love.

AquaSphere RRP 39,95€

Auf nach Indien! RRP 9,95€

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