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Two players with four fists

New 2-person games with the special kick appeared

Friedberg, July 12 2016: With the new developments in the 2-player series of games Pegasus flying fists. With Yomi publishing a classic fighting game in the best martial arts tradition is imminent, while the first part of the new Epic PVP beat fantasy characters each series. Smash Up: The Indispensable can also play for two, or with already published parts are combined into a game for up to four players. Epic PVP and the new Smash upextension are now available - the Yomi starter will follow shortly.

For years, beat 'em up video games like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat enjoy great popularity. Yomi comes but from without console. Here the competition of two fighters with maps and an intuitive rock-scissors-paper-principle takes place. The aim is to predict correctly the opponent's actions to outdo him and thereby defeat eventually. Optimum card management and perfect timing are the key to success. Four characters with different strengths and weaknesses make the beginning and are available separately from now on: Jaina, DeGrey, Rook and Grave. Below for the perfect entry appears the starter set Jaina vs. Grave. Besides the two character decks also vitality points scoreboard are given. Other characters are waiting for their chance to survive in a duel.

In Epic PVP: Fantasy feel the same right to the point. Instead of martial arts fighters enter fantasy heroes against each other. Whether Dwarven rogues or High Elf Ranger - here the races and classes with their unique, powerful capabilities before every game to be re-combined. This also results in the deck, the players can defend themselves proceed to attack or. Who likes to play with the backing, may also try four a game. Then the heroes fight in teams against each other.

Smash Up: The Indispensable is the next part of the action packed Smash Up series. Here, players are trying to take over the world in. Here each controls a combination of two fractions with different abilities. With the latest expansion dragons, sharks, gods and heroes of Greek myths, superheroes and tornadoes now mix tidy with - Tornado sharks are already classics of pop culture. Smash Up: The Indispensable can be without the basic game played by two. Together with other, already published Smash Up -Titeln can compete up to four players.

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