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When someone goes on a journey

Pegasus games published for the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, 2013, the board game to the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. Two to four players can playfully explore the routes of the largest model railway in the world.

Friedberg, January 23, 2013 - Located in the historic warehouse district, the Miniatur Wunderland thrilled more than one million visitors annually. About nine hundred trains daily on tracks with a total length of thirteen miles. In the same board game Wonderland allows players to travel through all the miniature landscapes of Hamburg attraction - from Scandinavia to the USA, from the coast to the high mountains.

The aim of the game is to reach the predetermined destinations and go collect postcards. Players travel with their game pieces to the different places. They must, however, leave travel with figures of the players who are on the same starting point. Figures are at all locations of a target map, the specified points will be awarded. In each section there is a place that can be collected on the postcards. For this they will receive at the end points also. The player with the most points wins the game.

Wonderland is characterized by a catchy gameplay with easy to learn rules. However, the players are repeatedly faced with tricky decisions, since their movements can the players an edge. The ease of access and the short playing time make Wonderland a game for the whole family.

Wonderland is a strategy game for two to four players, ages eight years and the end of February 2013 in the retailers. It includes a game guide in seven languages




McMulti   Author: James St. Laurent    Illu strationen: Daniel Rothier, Bill Bricker   Publisher: Pegasus Spiele   RRP: € 49.95

Contents: 1 Market Schedule 1 Operating Schedule, 8 message cards, 7 business cards, a lot of money in coins and bills, 2 production cube, 1 difference cube, 80 oil wells, 16 oil wells, 12 refineries, 30 gas stations, 80 oil barrels, 80 fuel drums

Friedberg 01, December 2012 - Under Games connoisseurs "McMulti" has long been a classic that against known titles such as "Monopoly" or "Cluedo" do not need to hide. In time for the twenty-fifth anniversary in 2013, the first German edition Pegasus Games is launching a revised and redesigned edition of the game on the market economy. Her had James St. Laurent, the author of the original edition, nor even worked. The game is now available from stock Friedberg.

As Chairman of our own oil companies, the players try to "McMulti" to rake in as much money. During the game, they promote the crude oil they must first convert it to gasoline to make it then to sell the best possible price. The so-obtained profits they can then invest in their infrastructure and it creates a cycle that works more efficiently.   But the mere purchase of compounds represented by some 300 miniatures systems is not enough, it is still true, she sent a personal game plan to order, since each round re-determined by die roll, which of them are available for the player. Otherwise the economy tactical game gives a luck component that loosens up the game and ensures that there can be no universal strategy for success. The frequently changing economic conditions, various random events and not least the players more difficult to plan and make "McMulti" a classic that will appeal not only to fans and the Monopoly has to offer always surprising twists.

For years, the classic game "McMulti", first appeared in 1988 in a German edition, only available as antiquarian rarity. Stronghold Games LLC, the "McMulti" in the United States under the name of "Crude: The Oil Game" post, had made ​​the Author James St. Laurent locate there.   He took the opportunity in spite of illness, in the development of the new issue personally participate. Unfortunately James St. Laurent, the publication of his game may not live to see, because he died 2011 at the age of 71 years. His legacy lives on in "McMulti"continue.


Little heroes with great deeds

The cooperative game highlight "THE DWARFS - The Board Game" appears to GAME 2012 in Essen / Collector's Edition available on site

Friedberg 13, October 2012 - A million-selling "THE DWARFS" books and months of top positions in the Spiegel bestseller list speak for themselves. Now the world of multiple winners of the German fantastic price Markus Heitz finally comes as a game on the market: The fantastic board game highlight "THE DWARFS - The Board Game" there is time for GAME in Essen 2012 at Pegasus Games as beautifully illustrated masterpiece of game designers duo Michael Palm and Lukas Zach.

Dwarves, you should never irritate for fun, but this game is irritating to have fun with them, because in "THE DWARFS - The Board Game" returns one of the most famous heroes of the fantasy, Tungdil gold hand back. Help all the players together in the roles of the hero to save the kingdom of the Dwarves, Elves and Men from the evil one. Fans of the novels, fantasy enthusiasts and dwarf friendsalike can rejoice over this board game published in a class. "With the board game" THE DWARFS "Michael Palm and Lukas Zach has managed quite an amazing thing," says author Markus Heitz, "close to the book, atmospheric, for fans and newcomers - but it goes far beyond a replay of the novel. The practice rounds had already shown that it is good for the players who arrived. And I think that Michael and Luke now more familiar in detail in the country when I recovered. I am glad that Pegasus Games has the game been a home from which "THE DWARFS" one more time to make cracks in the world. "

MORE IMAGES and under

On the website to "THE DWARFS - The board game" under obtained gaining an insight into the workshop of the two games developer Michael Palm and Lukas Zach.


THE DWARFS - The board game after a novel by Markus Heitz

Authors: Michael Palm and Lukas Zach | Graphics: Jarek Nocon

Publisher: Pegasus Spiele

EVT: 18 October 2012

Contents: 1 game board, 5 character tables, 5 Dwarf miniatures, 1 hero marker 
1 demise markers, 1 Council marker, 36 platelet Dead Country, 15 attribute platelets 
1 tunnel plate, 7 number dice, 3 dice recruitment, 5 life markers, 35 Orc army wooden cubes, 25 troll armies-wooden cubes, 20 Albae armies-wood cubes, 5stones scenario, 
12 Scenario cards, 30 Adventure Cards, 15 threat cards, 22 equipment cards, 
1 rules

RRP: € 39.95


Extra Content | 5 hand-painted Dwarf miniatures, 10 maps Albae extension, 1 60seitiges artbook "THE DWARFS - The Board Game", 5 prints of dwarven hero description, 1 A3 Poster "The Forging of Fire Blade", 1 beer mug design "Krasnolud", 1 coasters "THE DWARFS - The Board Game", Numbered Collector's Edition Certificate.

RRP € 69.95


Pegasus games support the Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf Hessen eV with the sale of the customer enhancement for the game connoisseur of 2012 Village at GAME in Essen.

The brewery (working title) may also on its own stand in Hall Village 5:02 to play exclusively at GAME in food sample.

Friedberg 10.10.2012 - From 18 to 21 October 2012, visitors to the International game in Essen can at Pegasus Games booth in Hall 12.1 participate in a particular action. For a donation of 5 euros can be purchased for the customer enhancement Village. All the proceeds will go there without deduction of costs at the Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf Hessen eV Village - Kenner Game of the Year 2012 and winner of the German Games Award 2012 - will also receive in Hall 5:02 a private booth where the planned extension is the brewery (working title) ready to play. All players can suggest a name for the extension. The most coherent proposal is rewarded with a special card in the expansion, and a free copy. Moreover Village be played at the booth in Hall 12.1.

"We are delighted with the money from the customer enhancement for Village are some of our success this year can make. With all the fun we do, we should not forget those who need our special care and attention, "says Andreas Finkernagel, CEO of Pegasus Games. And adds his colleague Karsten Esser: "For the players, the Village offers a playful customer enhancement value. It all win. "

The nonprofit organization Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf eV Hesse was awarded the DZI seal and sees it as his duty to promote children and young people and their families in difficult situations with family-oriented services and support. For example, aid and vulnerable children is offered in the Children's Village a family-like community. For more information about Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf Hessen eV are at the stand in Hall 12.

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Stories from Tala - Scenario competition for "Thunderstone Advance"    Thunderstone module 1 on online

In "Thunderstone Advance" tell the story of the three scenarios towers of destruction. Tells us a story (what the heroes do on the way to the three towers? Tala What happened during the Battle of the towers?) And win an autographed by Mike Elliott Thunderstone the first edition. Your task:

- Send us a scenario for "Thunderstone Advance" with a short story (100-200 words)  

  - A matching cards compilation (4 hero cards, 8 village cards with the appropriate limits, one group of monsters levels 1 to 3, 1 thunderstone carrier)

- And the Schedule page, which is to be used.

You can use your contribution to and including 7 October 2012 e-mail to send. On page 35 of the Manual you can you get a picture of the scenario.

Background information on the new world Tala can be found in the short stories on . There is also now the new Thunderstone Advance Module # 1, which you can replay it now and scenario design participants themselves may be a clue as to how we imagine content.   The four most atmospheric scenarios are each awarded a signed Thunderstone. In addition, we draw from all entries one more game!

We look forward to your stories!


Promises of new game worlds

Games Clubs can immediately register for the 3rd Official Pegasus games club days and sign before the game play exciting days in Food news from our publishing program.


The 3rd Official Pegasus Clubtag game takes place in the period from 28 September to 14 October. We invite all games clubs are welcome to organize their own Clubtag during this period and to play our new products. For this we provide a complimentary games package. We accept applications until 30 September through our shop counter. Who is not registered as a gaming club can about our club games platform ( ) participate in the Games Club program.

The Games of the 3rd Official Pegasus games club day fall 2012

Panic Station

A heavily armed assault team enters an abandoned army base. The goal: destroy all together alien parasites and their nest. One of the team will start the game already infested by a parasite. His goal: to infect the entire team and protect their own nest.

Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain combines two of the most popular in recent years, game mechanics: role choice and deck building. Supplemented by a brief season was a start to the far reaches of the gaming fun of Eminent Domain nothing in the way.


Noble builders and master inside, the settlement of this land will be your work! Here you will jointly build roads, build houses and create marketplaces. So you have to watch and wanders that you your personal cycle of acquisition of goods, trade and colonization useful optimized and clever uses.

Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Doom

By passing the challenges of Thunderstone: Heart of Doom, the heroes were catapulted into the new world Tala Thunderstone Advance. Towers of destruction offers you a whole new adventure!

In addition, all games clubs from us the mini-expansion for connoisseurs game of 2012 Village, the mini-expansion for Thunderstone Advance avatars and posters announcing the event.

We look forward to many applications and wish you all a beautiful Pegasus games Clubtag!

Round guesswork: Perplexus conquered Germany   The 3D Game "Perplexus" is now available exclusively from Pegasus Games


Patience and a bit of tact are needed to move the ball through the 3D maze of "Perplexus" balls. The road to success is dotted with many challenging obstacles. Only through skillful twisting and turning of "Perplexus" in all directions, the ball can be placed on the numbered path to the destination. The 3D arcade game offers plenty of games and puzzles and promotes concentration and coordination. "Perplexus" is an exciting challenge for young and old, who can not be put away. Easy to play, hard to master, accordingly, is the motto.

"Perplexus" belongs to the absolute top-selling toys in North America and released exclusively in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the publishing program of Pegasus Games. Currently the puzzle fun with "Perplexus Original" (6 years) as well as the junior version "Perplexus Rookie" (4 years) and the professional game "Perplexus Epic" (ages 8 and up) available in three variants. The mega-trend in North America is now preparing, this fall and winter to conquer the German speaking through numerous events and the tour of the giant Perplexus for Christmas now and to secure his place alongside classics such as the Rubik's Cube.

The concept for "Perplexus" was from 3-D designer Michael McGinnis already designed in the late 70s as a project for an art class. From then on, but it took another 20 years before the idea caught in the toy industry. Once the product was ready, but it should again take ten years to the present Perplexus, the Perplexus Original, reached the market. Since its release, the tricky ball ball puzzle is inseparable from the toy sector. In the U.S., he was among the top 5 toys and also for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is planned to be rapid victory.

Perplexus Rookie  Manufacturer: Pegasus Games  EAN: 4250231704178     Age: From 4 to 99 years

Perplexus Original  Manufacturer: Pegasus Games  EAN: 4250231704161    Age: From 6 to 99 years

Perplexus Epic  Manufacturer: Pegasus Games  EAN: 4250231704185         Age: From 8 to 99 years

Games Gazette apologises for the wording. This press release came to me in the German language and I used Google Translate to translate it.

This is the unabridged version of the Google translation.

New "Dominion" GOVERNOR special card on Pegasus Games at retailers

Deck building for the card game "Dominion", known as the Game of the Year 2009 and the success of the last game developerHans in luck, there is now the special map of the "governor". The "governor" is a special card for an action or 5 gold. In cooperation with Hans Schmidt-In-luck and Pegasus Games Games offers as a sales partner to the trade this exclusive 30 June 2012 the promo pack "the governor" for the popular game of the year. All the "Dominion" kits are available at Pegasus Games in sales. Players can use this new special card that is available locally at the store.

Dominion - Game of the Year 2009
Deck building card game from Hans im Glück for 2 to 4 players age 8, EAN: 4001504481896,
MSRP 29,95 .
For sellers:

German-language "Thunderstone Advance" website online
With "Advance Thunderstone: Towers of Perdition" will appear in September 2012, the next adventure of the Thunderstone series. On we now publish short stories and much more information about the new Thunderstone game. The new own website "Thunderstone Advance" brings all the info in German.
Friedberg, 08.08.2012 - At the end of the heroes were victorious, but the victory was short-lived. In the fourth enlargement of the heart for condemnation Thunderstone succeeded the hero to defeat evil. However, it escaped into another world. And so the heroes follow him into the new world Tala to take up the struggle again.
With Thunderstone Advance not only a new story is told, it has also introduced a new game design that ranges from new card designs to control improvements. Scenarios and variants provide long-lasting fun and variety. The older Thunderstone cards can also be combined with Thunderstone Advance and continued to play.
We will inform you until the release of Advance Thunderstone regularly on the new website about all the new features and bring you close to the exciting new world of Tala with short stories.
Board game from Pegasus Games for 1-5 players aged 12 years 
Author: Mike Elliott 
Playing time: 60-90 minutes 
Contents: 566 cards, card separators, experience, markers, game board 
MSRP: 39,95 €

Pegasus Games jumps on the train

Games smith card game "Express 01" in the official distribution

Direct link:

Friedberg / Merseyside, 07/08/2012 - Pegasus Games is thrilled with the participation of players at the scheduled network cards "Express 01". As a thank you donated the exclusive distributor eggertspiele players now Zählleisten tableau and ensures them an extension. Pegasus also brings games "Express 01" version as a purchase in the market.

The card game "Express 01" creates a breakthrough, because for now it is: After the end of the funding I get the card game in any case on the market, as eggertspiele games distributor, Pegasus is now one of the party. Like any eggert play, the partner is now "Express 01" drive. In addition, Pegasus Games will also participate in the project itself and reward the supporters of the game developers directly: "We are pleasantly surprised! The player base has allowed to "express 01" a great success. We make sure that the card game actually comes to market. This enthusiastic commitment is rewarded! In gratitude, we buy accessories to match: a table and play a practical marker for counting points. In addition, we ensure all supporters are already on the U.S. expansion, "said the Pegasus game maker Andreas Finkernagel and Karsten Esser. A tableau was up today for "Express 01" not at all intended.

The rapid success of the game company has not only surprised Pegasus Games positively. The initiators games eggertspiele and even enthusiastic. Frank Noack of game-based the breakthrough with the enthusiastic participation of the player's network: "655 supporters, 28,000 € - and you believe that in just 3 weeks, no! These players love their hobby not only do they live there! . And I like the security of the U.S. expansion they determined "Peter Eggert shows also pleased:" Express 01 was "very popular among the players that we have decided to increase the edition of 1000 pieces to 2000 pieces and offer a simple version of the normal market. Tools such as the Benelux expansion, however, remain subject to the supporters of the game developer. "Players have until the 15th On august crowd funding and thus to participate in project supporters are. More information can be found on the side of the game developer, .


Author: Jörg von Ruden -

Graphic: Dennis Lohausen

Publisher: eggertspiele / Sales Department Pegasus Games

Product Status: EVT 18th October 2012

EAN: tba

RRP: € tba


About Pegasus Games, visit , the online store can be reached at


Author: Stefan Feld - Graphics: Clement Francis

Publisher: Hall Games / Games Pegasus Sales Department

Product Status: EVT 17th October 2012

EAN: 4250231704475 (55110G)

Estimated MSRP 39,95 €


Il Vecchio

Author: Ruediger Dorn - Graphics: Andreas Resch

Publisher: Hall Games / Games Pegasus Sales Department

Product Status: EVT 17th October 2012

EAN: 4250231704215 (55100G)

Estimated MSRP 39,95 €



Author: Stefan Feld - Graphics: tba

Publisher: Pegasus Games

Product Status: published Winter 2012

EAN: 4250231704222 (55105G)

Estimated MSRP approximately 29.95 €


The federal agency warns games: Mean - Werewolves are on the road again in July!
Warning: There is much increased since July 2012 werewolf-emergence in Germany and the world at Pegasus Games are now the German Extension "Werewolves artifacts" and the English game "Ultimate Werewolf" is available. LINK: - here you will find the appropriate cover illustrations.
Sometime in the 16th Century: suddenly it's over with the quiet and peaceful country life for the residents of your little village. Because at one time some very unfriendly werewolves are among them, and they are spreading slowly but steadily made. Can you uncover along with the other villagers before you all get eaten? Werewolves: ARTIFACTS is a brand new expansion for the award-winning party game Werewolf. With this expansion, players are unique artifacts. You give them a special power that they can use during the game. Thus allowing the tail is about the incarnation, to stay alive, although one was lynched. Or the curse of the villager's a player loses his special power. Nobody has to get angry again that he or she "just" an ordinary villager.
Your quiet little 16th century village has suddenly become infested with some very unfriendly werewolves ... can you and the other villagers find them before they devour everyone? Ultimate Werewolf is the ultimate party game for anywhere from 5 to 68 players of all ages. Each player has an agenda: as a villager, hunt down the werewolves; as a werewolf, convince the other villagers that you're innocent, while secretly dining on those same villagers each night. Dozens of special roles are available to help both the villagers and the werewolves Achieve their goals while thwarting their opponents. More than 40 unique roles, 18 diferent scenarios to allow groups of all sizes and experience levels to quickly get up and running, a set of 80 fully illustrated cards, a moderator scorepad to keep track of games, and a comprehensive game guide with pages and pages full of insights, tips and strategies. This new set has everything you need for the best Ultimate Werewolf experience possible!
Werewolves: Artifacts 
Card game expansion from Pegasus Games for 5-68 players ages 8 and up, playing time: 30-90 minutes Contents: 80 playing cards (2 x 40), 1 notebook, 1 additional instructions, game design: Ted Alspach; Illustration: Sanjana Baijanath 
CODE: 17806G, EAN 4250231778063, Size: 124 x 156 x 21mm, MSRP 14,95 €
Ultimate Werewolf 
5-68 players for ages 8 +, Playing Time: 30-90 minutes Contents: 80 Playing Cards, scoring pad, rule book, Game Design: Ted Alspach, Illustrations: Sanjana Baijanath 
Stock Number: 17800E, EAN 4250231704208, Size: 124 x 156 x 21 mm, RRP € 14.95

Games Gazette apologises for the wording. This press release came to me in the German language and I used Google Translate to translate it.

This is the unabridged version of the Google translation.

New "Dominion" GOVERNOR special card on Pegasus Games at retailers

Deck building for the card game "Dominion", known as the Game of the Year 2009 and the success of the last game developerHans in luck, there is now the special map of the "governor". The "governor" is a special card for an action or 5 gold. In cooperation with Hans Schmidt-In-luck and Pegasus Games Games offers as a sales partner to the trade this exclusive 30 June 2012 the promo pack "the governor" for the popular game of the year. All the "Dominion" kits are available at Pegasus Games in sales. Players can use this new special card that is available locally at the store.

Dominion - Game of the Year 2009
Deck building card game from Hans im Glück for 2 to 4 players age 8, EAN: 4001504481896,
MSRP 29,95 .
For sellers:

Four wins: experts Village Game of the Year

The award of the "Village" to the connoisseur game of 2012 continues the successful series from Pegasus Games at Game of the Year

Fun for all the characters: "Pictomania" is recommended by the jury in 2012

Friedberg / Berlin, 9 July 2012 - For the fourth consecutive year is a game of Pegasus Games on the nomination list. After "pandemic" (Matt Leacock, 2009), "In changing times: The Dice Game - Bronze Age" (Matt Leacock, 2010) and "Strasbourg" (Stefan Field, 2011) with the award of the "Village" for connoisseurs Game of the Year For the fourth year celebrating the great success ..

The players draw from the "Village" the fortunes of a family in a medieval village. You can sell crafts on the market, go on trips gain, rising as clergy in the Church hierarchy at City Hall or political influence. The strategy game "Village" offers a variety of actions within catchy and easy to learn game rules. Actions take time. Too much time lapses is a character the way of all flesh, and is perpetuated in the village chronicle. The player must therefore provide for their young, thus completing the work of generations of their ancestors and increase the glory of the family.

"Village is on unprecedented manner in a board game, the typical life into a village," said the jury on the nomination of the "Village". Was especially the integration of the subject's death as innovative as unusual in a clear and logical composed game . The so-acclaimed authors couple Markus and Inka fire has already been awarded in the past for their games. 2011 she won the German Game Prize and a snap of the year have been nominated. The nomination of the"Village" is a new milestone of the authors who live with their children in Cologne. The Hamburg-based publishing eggertspiele recorded while in charge of the game editor, but Pegasus Games paves the distribution channels. "We are delighted our great successes of recent years to be able to meet with the award for the connoisseur game of the year," said the managing director of Pegasus Games, Food and Andreas Karsten Finkernagel, after the awards ceremony. Even Peter Eggert of eggertspiele was delighted. The collaboration with Pegasus Games have set the course for further success, you want to continue now strengthened.

Cannon ball or football? In "Pictomania" have different concepts drawn and guessed what they were. It is an artistic talent is not a prerequisite for rapid Party and Family Game of the successful author Vlaada Chvatil. The players draw the same time, the entered terms. But that's not enough. You must also keep in mind the images of others and make their quick tip. In addition to the nomination for the German educational game price and the hit game with friends (Austrian Game Prize) is the recommendation of the jury "Game of the Year" award for the third "Pictomania".

Towards new milestones 
Board game "Milestones" by authors Ralf & Stefan Dorra appeared to Linde.
Friedberg, 6 July 2012 - On the way to the game of the year 2012 is now "Milestones" by Stefan Dorra & Ralf zur Linde appeared at Pegasus Games. The authors are currently successful game of the year nomination with your board game "mnemonic". In her sophomore "Milestones," it is now the country milestone milestone to colonize. This is only common, but in the procurement of necessary materials is all on her own and needs to optimize acquisition of goods, trading and settlement makes sense. 

The aim of the game is to collect the most points. This is obtained for the construction of roads, houses and market places on the scheduled plan. But one also gets points for the delivery of flour sacks to the right market places as well as collecting bonuses. Who landed the most valuable building lots and carries at the end won the day? "Milestones" from the editors eggertspiele is now available from Pegasus and games for 2-4 players aged 10 years, playing time: 60 minutes; Difficulty: 2 paws. 

MILESTONES (editorial eggertspiele) 
Authors: Stefan Dorra & Ralf zur Linde 
Contents: 1 game board, 4 each action tableaux, action figures & Markers, 35 workers platelets, 20 cover plates, 20 coins, each with 48 items Cube and street plays, 24 milestones, each with 12 squares, houses and flour sack platelets, 15 bonus tiles, 1 game instructions 
Product Status: Available 
EAN: 4250231754562 (54545G) 
MSRP 29,95 €

The newest addition to the adventure game 'Quest - Time of Heroes "will take players to cracking stone. There, the heroes go after rumors of terrible beasts that threaten the city.
Friedberg, 29.06.2012 - In "Quest - Time of Heroes" players to experience the fantastic adventures. It takes a player the role of Master Quest. He takes you through the adventure, the heroes who can only exist together through skillful combination of their different abilities. 
After the basic game "The attack of the Orcs" and the first expansion "The Dark Cult" appears with "wolf hunting" the first theme extension. Set in a dark pine forest is cracking stone. Players must solve a mystery that is threatening the city. This robber is not the only danger is one that the players have. Funny attack wolves roam the forests and rumors of a werewolf make the rounds. 
"Wolf Hunt" offers a new adventure and supplies the Quest champion with many other figures of his own stories. The new heroine of "Tarma Tervikstochter" supports the players in their search for the evil that threatens cracking stone. 
Continues to grow with each quest, the strength of the heroes and the quest master. The players and players can continue playing, of course their heroes from the original game. This personal development across multiple games will continue in the coming expansion. 
Requires the base game "Quest - Attack of the Orcs."
Quest-time heroes: Wolf Hunt (Expansion) 
Heroes game from Pegasus Games 
Author: Peter Schott, game design: Alexander Dotor, illustrations by Hans-Georg Schneider, Black Flag studio, Sascha rust 
Contents: 1 book adventure, 22 figures, 24 cards, 1 wipe-clean character sheet, 1 erasable quest master bow 

29th June 2012: News from Pegasus Spiele is that the trade relationship between themselves and HEIDLEBERG Publishing has been terminated. 

Pegasus Games vetreibt TabApp new WizKids Games - New games series announced

Friedberg, 8 June 2012 - The National Entertainment Collectibles Association, NECA short, his character and the owner of WizKids Games house Icarus Studios (just merged with another asset) is now the brand new "TabApp HeroClix ™" announced. This is sold in German-speaking Pegasus Games, Preorders are now open. To recover from the former TableTop-brand "HeroClix" latest technology. Thus, with the Marvel (Wolverine, Iceman, Cyclops and Captain America, Thor and Iron Man) TabApp "HeroClix" - sets the respective HeroClix figures on the cake pad use. The software is available to customers for free in the App Storezur available. . Most advanced in-house recognition software allows the insertion of this "HeroClix" figures on the cake pad This saves you the hassle of measuring and calculating, and does so against the computer in ac tion - rich in battles! Get off on level after level and become more powerful!The "HeroClix" brand it will be only the first in a variety of games, which is the action of miniatures with the advantages of combining iPad, and this use is as a digital board.  
Marvel Super Heroes TabApp 
Miniature Game # WIZ70854
First Day of Sale: 10/03/2012
U VP € 18.99 

Marvel Wolverine & X-Men TabApp 
Miniature Game # WIZ70853
First Day of Sale: 10/03/2012
U VP € 18.99 





"Pictomania" nominated for best educational game

German educational game price of family magazine "play and learn" and cram school study group will be awarded to the Süddeutsche game exhibition 2012th

Friedberg, 30 May 2012 - For the tenth time today of the study group and play and learn free program called for the best educational games. For the first time Pegasus Games with "PICTOMANIA", nominated for the category from the age of 9, which had recently been made ​​on the recommendation of the jury list game of the year. Now not only the experts of writing and the jury of the study group children are asked: Also, readers learn from and play and choose their favorites. From 1 August 2012, they can vote for their favorite game on . The ceremony will be held on the Sueddeutsche game exhibition in Stuttgart in late November

A jury of tutoring students and teachers, the study group will test all the nominated games and set the four category winners. "Toss and strategic thinking in older children are at a premium," says Price-learning game juror Ralf Ruhl. The winners will be announced in mid-September. The official award ceremony will take place in November at the South German game fair (22 to 25.11. 2012) in Stuttgart, where visitors can try out all the nominated games.

The "PICTOMANIA" had started selling author Vlaada Chvatil ("Galaxy Trucker") in Czech Games Edition, with "In the course of time" (available) and "Mage Knight" (May 2012) already published more titles at Pegasus Games. After the first edition of "PICTOMANIA" was sold out within a short time, Pegasus Games in April published the second edition as an improved version. For this purpose the enclosed materials have been revamped to feedback from players and retailers: The cards are plastic holders, wiping the sign panels, there are sponges and the inlay has been redesigned with a deep-drawn part to better retention. The rules themselves were for easier understanding of the Pegasus Games editorial revision, does not change the principle of painting and brilliant game but while rates.

The nominees in the category "over 9 years' PICTOMANIA (Pegasus)

Blocker! (Amigo), Uluru (Kosmos), Seven-Point (Fata Morgana), Family Talk (current-games publisher)

"PICTOMANIA" products at Pegasus Games:


PICTOMANIA (board game)

Product Status: commercially available

EAN: 4250231703645 (54300G)

MSRP 29,95 €


PICTOMANIA Revised Edition

Product Status: EVT 27th April 2012

EAN: 4250231703645 (54305G)

MSRP 29,95 €



Product Status: published in May 2012

EAN: 4250231704253 (54306G))

MSRP 4,95 €


Game of the Year: VILLAGE nominated for the connoisseur game of the year, Pictomania on the recommendation list. 

The jury "Game of the Year" today announced the coveted nominations and recommendations for the KENNER GAME OF THE YEAR and the GAME OF THE YEAR announced. We look forward in 2012 among the nominees to be there: VILLAGE Inka and Markus Brand (Editor eggertspiele) is nominated in the category of expert games, PICTOMANIA on the Game of the Year list of recommendations at their meeting of 17. to 20 May 2012 had fixed the jury, the game titles for this year's awards.
The nomination of the three titles for the "connoisseur Game of the Year" and the "Game of the Year", the jury found that death is a natural part of life and to play. And s egg is that the road to fame and honor into a rural family saga about the perpetuation of the protagonists to their death in the village chronicle. The rationale for the nomination of their game VILLAGE is accordinglyas follows: "Village is on unprecedented manner in a board game, the typical life into a village is particularly the embedding of the subject's death as innovative as unusual. The characters belong to different generations , are born and die. Thanks to the logical time mechanism is the natural rhythm of life for granted at this and uncluttered, composed game that invites you also to try all sorts of strategies. "The authors Inka and Markus VILLAGE include already won the German Children's Award 2011 .
At PICTOMANIA of Vlaada Chvatil says it on the Game of the Year list of recommendations: "All the players stand at the same time a concept and trying meanwhile to guess what the images represent the other will. At the beginning of a round, six cards are issued, each with seven thematically matching words. Each player is secretly a term is assigned. This helps a clear symbolism, which is also when rates important.. If you detect an object that defines tip cards in front of the players sooner, the more points you get for proper identification who finish early painting and rates is, picks off Points But be careful. With hasty false tipsters This can turn into negative points. Hardly identified motifs also affect negatively. For the beginner concepts tempo is asked in the panel of experts on creativity. "

Excellent Mondo goes global  Current fire nominated for the Dutch Game Award, the Pegasus board game is now available in over 20 languages.

Friedberg, 18 May 2012 - The board game "Mondo", penned by acclaimed author Michael Schacht (including Game of the Year winner 2007) writes of the Hessian Pegasus games publisher currently global to a success story: Soon the fast-match game is available to anyone in over 20 languages, now you have secured the languages ​​for Croatian and Greek, so it is currently in German, English, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian and Dutch, not least available. In the Netherlands, the game is up to date even for the Dutch Game of the Year Award 2012 nomination ( ), where it could reap in many other countries, nominations, awards and prizes ( ).

With "Mondo Sapiens" is also already the sequel to the worldwide release in the wings, currently he is also already in Dutch at Pegasus Games partners White Goblin Games available. "Mondo Sapiens" it exciting to make funny promises with variable levels of difficulty for the whole family. "Mondo Sapiens" is again a matching game with very simple rules. The flexible game system with three different levels of difficulty is suitable for experienced and inexperienced players. This time, this difficulty levels to legend plates are integrated into the game itself. Will act "Mondo Sapiens" more homogeneous in the gameplay. And the observation of other players has become more important because there are special ratings for the advanced rules only for the individual or the best.

"Mondo" products at Pegasus Games:

MONDO (board game)

Product Status: Available

EAN: 4250231753107 (53100G)

MSRP 29,95 €


MONDO Zusatzpieler Set A

Product Status: Available

EAN: 4250231752087 (53102G)

MSRP 7,95 €


MONDO Zusatzpieler Set B

Product Status: Available

EAN: 4250231752094 (53103G)

MSRP 7,95 €


MONDO Micro (Add-On)

Product Status: Available ( )

EAN: -

MSRP for free


MONDO The Duel (Add-On)

Product Status: Available

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MSRP for free



MONDO SAPIENS (board game)

Product Status: Available

EAN: 4250231752100 (53110G)

MSRP 29,95 €



Product Status: In Production

EAN: -

MSRP for free

New Summer Program: Wholesale and outside of games available BuitenSpeel
Friedberg, 14 May 2012 - With its new summer program sends Pegasus Play now the customers outside. With the majority of outdoor play and BuitenSpeel you like to take an entire set of known varieties of the summer in the program. From playing in the style of "Mikado," "Jenga," "Chess" and "Domino" to "Connect Four" and throwing games for all age groups and in the meantime also popular Wikingerspielart "Kubb" are all games from now on stock Friedberg LINK full news available.
The summer time for many outside time. In order to pursue his favorite hobby and outdoors in all weathers, there are now eleven times from Pegasus Games Outdoor Fun Activity, as it says in BuitenSpeel. Here, with "OUTDOOR CHESSE" (Chess), "BIG OUTDOOR POLES (" Mikado "variety)," OUTDOOR 4-IN-A-ROW "(" Four Wins "variety)," OUTDOOR LARGE TOWER "(" Jenga "variety)," OUTDOOR Draughts "(mill / lady) and" OUTDOOR DOMINO '(Large-Domino) six classic games now implemented as a big game for outdoor use with it. With "OUTDOOR KUBB" and the "OUTDOOR FINLAND THROW GAME" you have also two new classics from Scandinavia in the offer, while "Buiten CROCKET" (classical croquet game) and "OUTDOOR RING TOSS" (ring-toss game) has long been a self- classics for outdoors and traveling. The "DISC DELUXE OUTDOOR" rounds off the game with a series of "Frisbee"-type litter-known and matches the new target range.

"BuitenSpeel" products from Pegasus
OUTDOOR CHESS (board game)
Product Status: Available
RRP € 44.99


Product Status: Available
MSRP 12,99 €


Product Status: Available

RRP € 27.49


Product Status: Available
RRP € 13.99


Product Status: Available
MSRP 22,99 €


Product Status: Available
RRP € 39.99


OUTDOOR Draughts
Product Status: Available
MSRP 15,99 €


Product Status: Available
RRP € 18.99


Product Status: Available
MSRP 12,99 €


Product Status: Available
RRP € 39.99

Product Status: Available
RRP € 10.99

Revised edition available Pictomania Revised Edition is now the Pegasus Games in stock on delivery.

Link PICTOMANIA, Revised Edition
Link PICTOMANIA, Upgrade Kit
Link PICTOMANIA, Spielregeln Revised Edition
Friedberg, 27 April 2012 - As of today, Friday 27 April is the improved version of the character and rate the game "Pictomania" the publisher Pegasus games available. The"Revised Edition" is distinguished by a new box cover, a new deep-drawn part of the play materials, play materials, and improved completely revised rules of the game from.The suggested MSRP of the new "Revised Edition" for "Pictomania" Pegasus Games will remain with the same € 29.95 anyway. In addition, the publisher released in May via an upgrade kit for existing buyers of retail.
With both products, the publisher of the Hessian Friedberg response to feedback on thegame material. The enclosed materials of been in the press already highly acclaimedfamily and party game revamped this: The game card holders are to be replaced from now on, plastic, for wiping the sign panels sponge the previous mini-flap and box inlayhas been redesigned with a deep-drawn part to better retention. The new rulesfomulierten to "Pictomania" help to create an easier understanding of the instructions.You are already available for download. To the simple rules and the ingenious principlethere is nothing different. Last but not least, the box itself now for better differentiation ofthe first edition with a blue background - previously this was green. For the ever-pervasive "Pictomania" stands selling author Vlaada Chvatil ("Galaxy Trucker") is responsible, assisted by the "Moving with the times" (available) and "Mage Knight"(published May 15, 2012) more titles at Pegasus Games are available.

Magic: the Gathering at Pegasus Games Official distributor for Germany and Austria
Friedberg / Dreieich, 03.01.2012 - From 16 Pegasus Games in March 2012 is the official distribution of MAGIC: THE GATHERING responsible in Germany and Austria. After only eight months as an official DUNGEONS & DRAGONS distributor ofWizards of the Coast (Hasbro) in continental Europe and AVALON HILL â€‹â€‹games titles in Germany and Austria will take over theHessian publishing and media sales company and the driving force in the distribution of Wizards of the Coast. Pegasus Games isso competent partner for all Wizards of the Coast game titles and brands. The official distribution of MAGIC: THE GATHERINGtheir partnership to build the company from massive and thus offer in Germany and Austria, the distribution of all Wizards of theCoast products under one roof again.
The marketing of the most successful trading card and deck building card game in the world and remain the WIZARDS PLAYNETWORK (WPN), while as yet the Hasbro-owned MAGIC: THE GATHERING team of experts in the Dreieich headquartersduring the entire sales and distribution marketing move to Friedberg. One of the main objectives of the new cooperation will befurther expanding the WIZARDS PLAY NETWORKS, which is targeting dealers to assist them during your sales in many ways. It has also written on the flag games Pegasus, in the future to have an open ear for suggestions.

Pegasus Games in 2012 is again repeated for the RPC Fantasy Award Nominees2012: / award

In the categories of board games and role plays, we are overjoyed for the two Nominations.

With "pirates of the Caribbean" and "Village" (editorial eggertspiele), the two top-heavy players games of 2011 and '12 games in the area have been nominated. In addition, has been nominated as "Quarriors" a game that exclusively in German, is available from us.

The "shadow armor Shadowrun" falls into the category of role playing, because it's a great Spielfhilfesammlung agree in the box-like in comparison to the mitnominiertenRPG books, supplies. One of them again "Cthulhu Limited Edition Dungeon Master's Guide" that which also has managed the nomination list 2012th


Card game finale "Thunderstone - Heart of Doom" is now available.

The hunt for the thunder stones ends with a spectacular finale!   "Heart of Doom" is now the fourth German expansion for the fantasy card game highlight "Thunderstone" available from Pegasus games.. The conclusion of the first "Thunder Stone" Season brings more high voltage action into the game.

"Thunderstone" is a thrilling fantasy card game where players assemble their own deck of cards during the game and equip it with powerful weapons and heroes. "Thunderstone - Heart of Doom" is the fourth and last card game expansion to the SPIEL hit of 2010. Since the beginning of time, the Knights of Doom find the thunder stone - the legendary relics of an ancient power. For years, the heroes of the world have now roam and search for the legendary thunder stones. Seven Thunders stones are already in their possession. Now only the legends of rock, to the horror known only as to destroy destructive creatures forever. The location of the last thunder stone is still not found, even though the horror is slowly spreading in the world. The time has expired, so the heroes have to make the horror by its terms.

"Thunderstone - Heart of Doom" is the culmination of the struggle against evil. The expansion introduces a brand-new heroes, village maps and monsters, both lurking in the village and in the dungeon now dangers that can bring an unwary adventurer to case: Trusted villagers may prove to be enemies, and monsters to open new areas of the dungeon. The heroes can now be upgraded in the dungeon and collect a new way of experience and equipment to fight the terror. New, atmospheric illustrations by Jason Engle complete these Thunderstone extension.

Thunderstone: Heart of Doom (4th extension to Thunder Stone), board game expansion of Pegasus Games, Author: Mike Elliott, Illustration: Jason Engle, Brent Keith, Hal Mangold; CODE: 51035G, EAN 4250231752070; Dimensions: 273 x 189 x 65 mm, capacity: 302 cards, 29 oversized cards separator, a supplementary manual, MSRP 24,95 €



Pegasus Games are responsible for the current hit game of society "Pictomania" now being available worldwide, with the exception of a few countries. This drawing and guessing game world "Pictomania" was initially published in German by the publisher and distributor of Friedberg. Through Pegasus Games there is a further step to strengthen the self-published titles and rights. In Germany, "Pictomania" already is in the second edition, which is an improved version and will go on sale in the second quarter of 2012.
"Pictomania" started with author Vlaada Chvatil ("Galaxy Trucker") at Czech Games Edition, who also have available  "In the course of time" (available) and "Mage Knight" (published May 2012) via Pegasus Games. After the first edition of "Pictomania" was sold out within a short time, Pegasus Games will publish the second edition as an improved version at the beginning of May . For this version the components have been revamped in accordance with feedback from players and retailers (and Games Gazette in it's review): The card holders have been now made ​​of plastic,and the rules themselves are now easier to understand in the Pegasus Games editorial revision. On the simple rules and the ingenious principle, however nothing will change. Last but not least, the box itself now for better differentiation of the first edition with a blue background - previously this was green.



Friedberg/2e Exloërmond, 06/03/2012 - Pegasus Games is available now for the official distribution of all games of the DutchWhite Goblin Games (WGG) Publishing for Germany, Austria and Switzerland exclusively responsible. In addition, will appear with"Panic Station" as a title of the Dutch games publisher Pegasus Product is in summer 2012. White Goblin Games is known forgaming fans, especially for innovative and carefully designed games. Attention especially with the board game "Rattus" (2011Best Family Game Lucca) in 2010, the publisher did last international on themselves. Were last White Goblin Games "Mondo"and thus were published in the Dutch game of the year nomination.
"We are pleased that we now could win games with Pegasus a powerful distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for ourgreat products," said the two CEOs of White Goblin Games Johan Kuipers and Jonny de Vries. The Pegasus Games CEO Andreas Finkernagel and Karsten eaters are also very pleased with the quality of the games of the Dutch neighbors, "White Goblin Games has finally released again good and successful games, so it will be a win for us, these strong titles exclusivelymarket in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to be able to. "


Make the world as you would like it in the brand new game from Pegasus Spiele:  MONDO SAPIENS

This is a stand alone game, the original MONDO inspired the design but is not required for play. 

The brand new "Mondo Sapiens" opens up into the world, which was created in the previous award-winning "Mondo" and now people, roads and settlements are designed. "Mondo Sapiens" is now available in stores. 
"Mondo Sapiens", promises excitement and fun  for the whole family with its variable levels of difficulty. "Mondo Sapiens" is again a matching game with very simple rules. The flexible game system with three different levels of difficulty is suitable for experienced and inexperienced players. This time, the difficulty levels are integrated into the game itself.  The observation of other players has become more important because there are special ratings for the for the individual and the best in the advanced rules only . In the game for several players a careful watch and concentration level is needed as everything happens at once:

Each player has to design, with the help of a panel of platelets,  their own world. After three rounds, the player who has accumulated the most points wins. The advanced game provides experts with building tiles for new challenges. Keep your eyes peeled and watch keenly!

"Mondo Sapiens" also plays as a solo game. "Mondo sapiens" is a stand-alone game, it is not required Mondo basic game.

Mondo sapiens, board game from Pegasus Games, Author: Michael Schacht, Illustration: Oliver Schlemmer, Oliver Freudenreich, Graphic Design: Oliver Schlemmer, Oliver Freudenreich, Hans-Georg Schneider, realization: Thygra Board Game Agency, Volume: 8 World tables, 145 landscape tiles, 12 village tiles, 8 building tiles, building a table, 4 bonus chips, a chip volcano, 1 timer, 1 block rating sheets, 1 instruction. MSRP 29,95 €

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