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RELAUNCH PEGASUSSHOP.DE : GAME OF THE YEAR including BAM! now merchant-friendly

Friedberg / Hessen, 26.07.2013 Board game publishing and distribution company Pegasus games from Friedberg, Hesse, now has its online shop for dealers undergo a complete relaunch. Besides the graphical redesign, especially the simple sorting capabilities have been enhanced for greater clarity. To restart traders can buy the GAME OF THE YEAR 2013 "Hanabi" in 10 counter display now as a special offer and receive their first display order "BAM! The unständig good word game, "added free of charge. allows current to more than 5000 different games and fun items, in addition to the Pegasus game titles (munchkin Village) these are the games and toys of all known publishers and manufacturers: these include Hasbro (Monopoly, Risk, Star Wars, NERF) , Ravensburger (memory ®, Rabbit and Hedgehog, Scotland Yard), ABACUSSPIELE (Hanabi, Zooloretto), Cosmos (Settlers of Catan), Schmidt games (Human argere you not), Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering) and Hans im Glück (Carcassone). Exclusive also the games of the Dutch publisher White Goblin Games (Rattus), and the French publishing Matagot (River Dragons) are others available

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