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FRIEDBERG, 04 April 2014 - Where wild desert ships deliver daredevil race and powerful magician, magic duels? Add to Pegasus Games days! From the 11th to 27 April 2014 can be tried for free in the participating game stores the latest games. Whether fantasy or family games - something for every taste game is. The game day is an opportunity to get to know the latest news and to find new players.

Every year invites Pegasus Pegasus games to the games a days. Game stores can organize within the event period its own game tag. The Family Game package and the fantasy games package stores can determine their program this yourself.

Whether games for two, for large groups, in between or for the whole evening - in the games packages put a lot of variety, excitement and fun. In the game days anyone can join for free and can be explained by the games.

For Mage Wars and Krosmaster Arena starts in 2014 also the Organized Play in stores. In the participating stores, the players then meet regularly for exciting games. This exclusive prices for both games can be won. The regular meetings are ideally suited to meet the games and can explain the rules for beginners.

The program of the fantasy games day 2014

Mage Wars - The Sorcerer's Apprentice: In Mage Wars, two powerful mages duel. Their goal: to turn the opponent into a heap of ashes. They have access to hundreds of spells.

Krosmaster Arena: Two teams of cute Krosmaster face each other in an arena. If you combine his characters sent to a powerful team?

Smash Up - The final Cthulhu: Four new factions around the Cthulhu Mythos go into the battle for world domination. Even on its own without basic two-player game playable!

Dungeon Roll: Classic dungeon adventure as fast Craps: Up to four heroes assemble a group of adventurers and descend into dark dungeons, defeat monsters and gain experience and valuable treasures.

The program of the Family Game Day 2014

Camel Up: The crazy camel racing game for up to eight players. Who offers smart and stroking a the highest profit?

Pagoda: The award-winning author Hippodice already in competition Pagoda is the latest game from the 2-player game series of Pegasus Games. As a builder magnificent pagodas have built and tricky decisions.

Cappuccino: The stacking game with simple rules for the whole family. Also looks good!

Port Royal Port Royal is an award-winning, fast card game with the full broadside Caribbean flair. Thanks to the simple rule, the player can immediately put to sea and prove their courage in exploring foreign waters.

Vampire Mau Mau: The popular Mau Mau principle combined with the equally popular vampire theme. With the witty illustrations known vampires in film history vampire Mau Mau is a scary fun for young and old.

A current overview of all participating game stores and the dates can be found online on the event page of Pegasus Games.

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