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We take the camels to Istanbul

Pegasus Games and Toys "R" Us to invite large Spieletag November 22 a to try this "Game of the Year" in 2014 and the Camel Up "Kenner Game of the Year" 2014 Istanbul

Friedberg, November 21, 2014: In many of the German and Austrian Toys "R" Us markets will take place on November 22 from 10 to 16 clock instead of the large Spieletag, the active and of Pegasus games with games tables for the games of 2014Camel Up Istanbul and the competent Pegasus Games team is supported.

The cold season already stretched out its tentacles and maybe one or the other players looking for a new challenge. So anyone who is not sure whether the "Game of the Year" or "connoisseur Game of the Year" in 2014 is the right thing for him to be satisfied at large Spieletag thereof. After your heart's content Camel Up and Istanbul can be tried for free at participating Toys "R" Us and markets tested, so both families and experienced gamers is something going on. In the games tables are supporters of Pegasus Games teams with advice and act to the side, show tricks and betrayed many a trick. Visitors can be explained the rules of the game experience supporters ado and then also take a goodie to take home.

The big Spieletag at Toys "R" Us will take place on Saturday, 22 November 10 to 16 clock in selected markets instead. A list of all were supporting by Pegasus Spiele markets can be found in the tables accompanying this release.

INFO | Camel Up to

INFO | The Pegasus Games team explains Camel Up

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INFO | The Pegasus Games team explained Istanbul

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