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Little fighter on a larger quest

The miniature game giant Krosmaster Quest of Pegasus Games 2015 will enrich the Krosmoz to varied adventure and battle it out


Friedberg, November 25, 2014: Overwhelming facilities, exclusive miniatures and ongoing Journey: The Quest is Krosmaster. The stand-alone sequel to the popular Duel and tournament gameKrosmaster Arena will be compatible with the figures of the original, but its gameplay varies from scratch: In the style of a dungeon crawler for players to compete against all together or one to exciting tasks to meet to develop their heroes and their quest to master.

In addition to the new gameplay seven new Krosmaster miniatures are equal breath of fresh air in Krosmoz - including two exclusive new arrivals. With over 200 game cards Krosmaster Quest also offers lots of challenges such as personal tasks and general events. Thanks to a modular arena with 16 double-sided Schedule parts and dozens of summoning markers and 3D decorative elements for players to dive into new adventures. Help them a booklet with more than ten thrilling scenarios will be there.

Following the current trend game Krosmaster Arena Krosmaster Quest brings in H1 2015, a new, captivating Krosmaster experience to the table. The steadily growing fan base of belligerent miniatures and Krosmaster newbies can get here ready for epic adventure for two to six players. If you want to make a live picture of Krosmaster quest with the support of Pegasus Games team, has this on the Role Play Convention 2015 on 16 and 17 May in Cologne the opportunity.

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