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With the release of the games MARS CUBE, DUEL IN THE CAVE Felsental and we will post suitable to many of our new short explanatory videos, which are presented and explained this. Pegasus Spiele help our employees provide authentic titles as presenters and commentators games before. Regular hosts in the "Pegasus Spiele MIC" (Moving Images Channel) Schönheiter Benjamin, known to many from his former video games blog, the intensified since June, the Pegasus Spiele editors, and Katharina Stoll from marketing. It is even dedicated multi player, thanks to the playful parents visited the GAME food regularly since its earliest days toddlers.

In addition to explanatory videos we want in the future and also to report on events and inform periodically about news still coming this way.

To your coverage and your on your part to we would of course delighted!

Here are the latest videos of Pegasus Games:



DUEL IN Felsental


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