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Fast crossfire in manga style

In the new Kennerspiel Puzzle Strike - The Deck Hau game of Pegasus Games are neatly distributed blows

Friedberg, 07.30.2015: Annoying shuffling cards during deck construction is past. With the new Kennerspiel Puzzle Strike successful deckbuilding principle is completely changed and is henceforth "Bag-Building". Instead of cards, there are chips, instead of mixing the chips are in the bag just shaken well to be then re-used against your opponent can. Because the job of two to four players in this interactive Deck Hau game is to bring the gem pile of opponents to overflowing. Who has amassed the fewest jewels themselves, gaining Puzzle Strike.

Ever since Dominion deckbuilding is well known and popular. If it were not for the constant shuffling cards. But this problem belongs with Puzzle Strike finally to the past: instead of cards chips are used that are thrown for mixing in a bag and shaken well. The chips can be carried out attacks on the opponent, reduced the own jewel stacking and other chips are bought from a common supply. The jewel stack serve as a time indicator by increasing in each round.

In addition to the general action chips each player has its own character, which brings into play with completely different skills even more variety. The characters are kept in the cult manga style and cut each other in a fast slugfest the jewel full stack. Because not only the active player can dish out, and the passive players can quickly start a tit for tat and thus ensure a high degree of interaction throughout the game. As already all gem stacks must be kept in mind and the appropriate actions are carried out in order to win.

A total of 10 different characters from the Fantasy Strike Universe and 24 different action chips provide unimagined combination possibilities and a long-lasting fun. The latest issue of spielbox which was launched this week, a promotional panel with three new chips action beyond is settled: nuclear fusion, lightning strike and request concert.

The New Release Puzzle Strike by David Sirlin provides rapid crossfire with high interaction for two to four players, ages 10 to 30 to 60 minutes. The high-quality equipment, the cult manga graphics and the clever and comfortable variation of successful deckbuilding principle make Puzzle Strike a true game highlight.

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