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A struggle for survival in outer space

Pegasus Spiele recently released the German board game Raumstation Theseus in which aliens, marines and scientists face off on an abandoned space station

Friedberg, June 11th 2014: The space station Theseus is floating through a distant orbit, seemingly deserted and peaceful. But when four factions – aliens and humans – encounter each other inside the Theseus, a fight to the finish breaks out. While each faction has its own strengths and opportunities to strike back, all combatants share a universal goal: survival.

In Raumstation Theseus each player controls one of four factions. Through tactical planning, calculating the current situation aboard the Theseus and manipulating its locations, players try to get an edge over their opponents. Since, however, every move also affects the enemy movement, caution and forethought are required to avoid ambushes.

With a captivating theme, a clever movement mechanism and balanced factions Raumstation Theseus provides varied battles in the depths of space. Three different game modes and an additional faction for experienced players offer lots of variation and make a return to the Theseus always worthwhile.

Michał Oracz’s Raumstation Theseus allows two to four players aged ten and up to experience a classic science fiction scenario with fresh ideas. Whether as duel, team game or deathmatch – in 30 to 60 minutes each mode offers its own exciting challenges. So the stage is set to bring the heat of battle to the cold of space. RRP € 34.95

For players who want to learn more about the fascinating background story of Raumstation Theseus, the cost-free German player magazine GamesOrbit – available in game stores and at 65 German universities – is worth a look. In four issues, starting with the current #40, GamesOrbit publishes solo adventures in an interactive gamebook style for each of the four factions.

In a distant orbit drives the mysterious space station Theseus, leaving apparently, seemingly peaceful. But when four factions - Aliens and people - meet inside the Theseus, kindled a relentless struggle. While each faction has its own strengths and opportunities to take a stand, all beings share an ultimate goal: survival.

Space Station Theseus by Michał Oracz binds two to four players aged ten years with a classic science fiction scenario and fresh ideas. Whether as a duel, Team Deathmatch or - in 30 to 60 minutes of playing time, each mode's own exciting challenges in each occupation and paves the way for hot battles in the cold of space. RRP € 34.95


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INFO | Space Station Theseus

INFO | Space Station Theseus

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